Sunday, September 10, 2006

Melanie and I were back out on the streets of Daytona Beach this past Friday and Saturday night and the harvest was indeed plentiful. On Friday night, we hit the Boardwalk and just "picked people off" as they came strolling by.
People are hungry and they are very interested in a message of hope and life. There were two local young men that stand out, James and Drew, who had just gotten off of workk from a local water park in the area that we stopped to talk to. Neither of these young men were dope heads, homeless, or gang bangers--they were just two young men that had never truly heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives.
You could just see their eyes riveted to mine as I would share my testimony of coming to Jesus in a radical way as an eighteen year old and how that God had empowered me by His precious Holy Spirit to overcome sin and temptation. James said, "I just have never heard how to do these things." They told me to come to their work and we exchanged numbers to get connected to have Bible Study, etc.. God is building an army of RADICAL Christians from a new generation of Twenty-somethings that are going to shake things up for His Kingdom!
On Saturday Night, we took food out to the beach to feed and minister to people as we do each week and once again it served as an awesome tool for witnessing. This weeks menu included 10 large Domino's Pizza and a cooler full of Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dews~!
One couple in their late 40's were standing there as we set up and asked what we were doing. We told him that we came out and gave away free food and shared the message of Jesus each week. He said, "Free?" and then asked if we had some type of grant to pay for these things. I told him that we just depended upon Jesus to provided the necessary resources to get it done each week.
He began to get tears in his eyes and his voice cracked as he shared of being homeless and on the streets of Daytona Beach thirty years ago as a young teenager and not having anyone there to help him. He was now living a normal life with children, etc and was just broken up over thinking that HE was one of the kids out there one time. He asked for my phone number after I ministered to him.
The two young ladies in the picture above came and spoke wth Melanie as she was giving out the food. They asked her "How much is it?" and when she said "Free" they flipped! The yare both 21 years old and have just moved down to attend school at DBCC. They said it took most of their money to get moved and settled and they even though they had started a job it would be a week before getting paid.
They told her that they were wondering how they would eat because there were starved. They are both from Connecticut and neither have had any strong spiritual background. They then went and got the two young men pictured above so that they could eat too. They had just met them while sitting by the beach that night and thought they might be hungry as well.
The blonde headed young man in from Maine and has been in the city about a month. He is twenty years old and a "traveler" which basically means that he is homeless. The other young man is 27 and from Baton Rouge, LA and works for a trucking company. They met surfing and became friends a week or so ago.
We spent a good hour talking to them about Jesus and they wanted a number to get with us some more. I don't know exactly what God is doing here with all of these young people that He has been sending to us, but we have dozens that flock to us each week and just sit and listen as we share with them. Please keep us in prayer and we are sensitive to how and what the Lord Jesus would have us do.
Pastor Terry of Raven Midwest has been busy the past week taking teams into Michigan and various locations there in Northern Indiana as well. He is also taking a team to assist Pastor Sam Croghan of Raven East Coast with an outreach at the end of the month. For a full report on the happenings of Raven Mid West click HERE

NEW ORLEANS Pastor Don Eskine and Pastor Thomas Derrick of Raven Gulf Coast (New Orleans) are hitting the streets of the Big Easy each week armed with spiritual and physical food for the lost and dying. Pastor Don takes each Friday away from his transportation business to fast and pray before they hit the Quarter' with the Word of God each weekend.

The homeless are coming back in force and many who just have no place to go as a result of the devestation of Hurricane Katrina now find themselves among the ranks of the street people. Pray for them as they continue to be lights in darkness to both the homeless and to those flocking to the destructive filth of Bourbon Street as well.

SAN FRANCISCO AND SANTA ROSAPastor Rudy Gonzales of Raven West Coast told me just the other night, "Pray for us. Things have bee nvery intense around here lately." Intense may be an understatement for what Raven West Coast has been dealing with.

From feeding hundreds of familes in the "Papago" and "Apple Valley" areas of Santa Rosa California's gang infested areas to leading teams into the "Tenderloin" area of downtown San Franciso each month where homelessness and heroin addiction are rampant--these guys are on the front lines "doing it" each and every week.

Just this past Friday night as they were ministering in San Francisco a shooting occured within feet of them that resulted in four people being hit (none of the team). These guys need your prayer covering and encouragement as they "take the Fight to the devil." You can get detailed reports on Raven West Coast by clicking HERE

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