Why not begin making plans NOW to be part of our Annual Mardi Gras Outreach to New Orleans?  We need YOU there with us to reach the city for JESUSJoin our team from around the nation as we converge on the "Big Easy" for Five Days of seeing MIRACLES HAPPEN!

FEBRUARY 16-21, 2012

This is the MUST DO outreach of the year for those with a passion for Jesus, and compassion for the lost and dying.

Each year people wait until "the last minute" to decide if God "wants them to go reach people for Him."  They say, "I need to pray about it," or "I'll see if I can get the time off," or "I sure hope that I can raise the finances to be there."  Why wait until the last possible minute to "hear from God?"  Why push the limit on getting the time off work?  Why procrastinate in regard to saving back the money to be there?  WHY NOT PRAY AND HEAR FROM GOD NOW?!  Then you won't be scurrying around at the last minute using the excuse, "God must not have wanted me to be there," because YOU put-off making the preparations.  There are TOO MANY lives at stake to hang your decisions on religious jargon.  Make the commitment NOW and then make the plans!

This outreach costs the ministry an estimated $20,000 to facilitate.  HOWEVER, we NO LONGER CHARGE A FEE, but instead trust the Lord Jesus to provide the necessary funds without having to charge those willing to stand with us for the lost and dying.   We want YOU WITH US in New Orleans, and the lost NEED YOU there to share JESUS with them.  Let us believe Jesus for the finances -- you just come and share CHRIST!

  • three (3) great meals daily (with full salad bar at lunch and dinner)
  • a place to sleep (cots, air mattresses, etc.)
  • shower facilities
  • local transportation to and from outreach sites
  • AWESOME training and times of worship, prayer, and fellowship
  • a truly LIFE-CHANGING experience!
If you are a "Veteran Soul Winner" or "Brand New," this is the outreach for YOU!  RAVEN works as a "team" to more effectively reach people with the Gospel, and enables people of all levels of experience to be a vital part of someone's eternity!  Each year we have people coming from all across this nation, Mexico, and Canada, to be part of "the Team that is fulfilling the Dream."  We've just been waiting for YOU

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