Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Join us tonight at 9:00 PM (Eastern) for our weekly RAVEN NATION webcast. We will be sharing testimony concerning this past weeks ministry in Indiana and Chicago and details concerning upcoming Raven ministry events nation-wide.

We will also be showing the video of the television interview that we did on the Harvest Show in South Bend, Indiana. Pastor Troy, Pastor Terry and Pastor Brandon were interviewed concerning the vision and outreach ministries of Raven.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Weekend Ministry Schedule

We have a full slate of ministry scheduled for this coming weekend and would love to see those of you that may be in one of the areas we will be visiting. I board a plane to fly to Northern Indiana in the morning where I will be meeting Pastor Terry Shuff of Raven Midwest and Pastor Brandon Romero of Raven Southwest.
We will be speaking at a Durg/Gang seminar on Saturday evening. Pastor Brandon will be the featured speaker from our team. He has a tremendous testimony of deliverance and victory over many of the same things that those in attendance have struggled with. I know he will speak powerfully into their lives the message of the Cross of Jesus Christ.
Sunday morning I will be speaking at the Potters House of Deliverance Church with Pastor Tom Tekker. I have a word burning in my heart for this church and look to Jesus to do a great work that morning.
Sunday Night I will be with my friend, Pastor Joe Wyrostek, at MetroPraise Church in Chicago. Pastor Joe and I met and ministered together in New Orleans before the Lord directed us to expand into other areas of the country. We both share a passion for the lost and a desire to see the Body of Christ thoroughly equipped to do the work of the ministry.
Monday Morning at 9:00 AM we will be guests in the Harvest Show on the LeSea Television Network. Tune in and let's see what the Holy Ghost has in store!

Your prayers and financial support are what enable us to take the Gospel throughout this nation and beyond. Would you consider makign your very best missions offering this week. It would be much appreciated and at a ver strategic time as we will be going non-stop feeding the hungry, ministering in inner-cities, and training many to take the Word of God to a dying world.
You can give securely online by clicking the "Make A Donation" Button on the upper right, or by sending your offering to:
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Blessings, Pastor Troy!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Be sure and join us tonight for our RAVEN NATION live broadcast. The program will start at 9:00 PM (Eastern)with Pastor Troy in Daytona Beach, Florida. The program is "interactive" for those of you who would like to join the discussion or you can just listen to the Word!
We look forward to having you join us and people from around the word tonight as we lift up the name of Jesus and work to take His Gospel to a lost and dying world!

Sunday, March 18, 2007


What do you get when you take thousands of Harley Davidsons, Tons of Custom Choppers, A Tub Load of Crotch Rockets, too many pair of leather chaps, biker vests and sleeveless t-shirts? They called it Daytona Bike Week---but we called it the Harvest Fields!
Each year during the first week of March, the City of Daytona Beach, Florida hosts the world's largest motorcycle event. The population of this city literally doubles for 11 days as people from around the globe converge to rev their engines, play "biker", gauk at the scantly clad people and party until the early morning hours.
This year RAVEN MINISTRIES was there too! But we werent there for the bikes or the vice, we were there for the SOULS! Now that our international offices are headquartered in Daytona Beach, we will be building our annual outreach to this event into one of our premiere times of training, and evangelism.
We look forward to seeing many people come and "Join the Team that is Fulfilling the Dream" and raising up a generation of sold-out soul winners who will take the nations for the Kingdom of God!

This was the official logo for the 66th annual Bike Week---but it could have easily been the "666" edition the way that satan had his claws in so many people's lives.

The City opened its arms to the debauchery and the wickedness. It is amazing what communities will allow in for the sake of economics.

Everywhere you would go during the week you would be faced with hundreds of motorcycles--including our favorite sea food restaurant on the Hallifax River.

Each night Main Street in Downtown Daytona Beach would be transformed into block after block of revelery---but we brought the Light of the Word of God there to shine in the midst of the darkness!

It was good to have friends like Mike Seimer, Brian O'Connell, Pastor Frank Greshem, Scott Durrants, and a few others helping share the Word of God--but for the most part I was shocked that very few local churches had people witnessing on the streets at night. I counted maybe 20 total each night--and there were tens of thousands of souls to be harvested. Where is the Church?

This could have been the "Official Motorcycle" of Bike Week 2007 because it certainly exemplified the nature of this event.

We were constantly having to preach the Gospel and call to repentence those ensnared in the yoke of bondage. Here Pastor Terry gives a tract to a woman who was seducing men as she peddled beer in a stand. He called her to repent and warned her that she was also dragging men to hell with her.

Make plans to join us next year for Bike Week 2007 here in Daytona Beach, Florida. We saw many come to Jesus this year and are expectant of even greater harvest in 2008!

Unleashing the FREAK SHOW: Bike Week 2007

At events like Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Bike Week in Daytona people come trying to be "freaks" in how they look and act. As "freaky" as they try to be---they can't OUT-FREAK the JESUS-FREAKS!
I told the team as we went to the streets, "It's time to open up the FREAK SHOW and watch the Holy Ghost turn this thing upside down!" That is exactly what happened on our final night as we saw the power of God fall right in the midst of thousands of bikers, partiers, perverts, and drunkards.
Acts 3:19 "Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord."
We saw this happen right before our eyes! Repentence unleashed a FLOOD OF REFRESHING. This is how it unfolded.

This young man (from Africa) was walking by as I stopped he and his friend. He was a backslider and as I shared the Gospel with him he was convicted and rededicated his heart to Christ...then I started praying out loud over him...and the Spirit of God filled the area...

This young woman, Sabrina, came out of the crowd as I was praying and literally fell upon Pastor Terry weeping saying, "I have got to repent!" They were joined by two friends who had been partying with her that night. The woman with her was resistent, proud and beligerant---I finshed praying for the young man with the intention of "running interferance" for them--but God had another plan!

The lady started saying, "I AM AN ON-FIRE CHRISTIAN. I can be here and do what I want to do. I am once-saved-always-saved!" I began to challenge he with the Word of God. She would try to use a scripture out of context to justify here sin and I would give her the rest of it to reveal her sin.

She claimed to be brought up in a "Word Church", so I held her accountable to "The Word" and continued to allow the sword of the Spirit to do its job! You could see the effects of sin being cut away as the scripure became light shining in darkness!

She finally asked, "Are you a SPIRIT-FILLED Christian?" I told her, "COMPLETELY!" and she said, "Show me" and I began praying in the Holy Ghost!! AND BOOM!! The FIRE FELL!

As I began to pray in the Spirit...it hit her and she started weeping AND PRAYING IN THE SPIRIT TOO! It then hit the guy with them (Leo) and he started weeping, crying out to God and praying in the Spirit as well!
Acts 2:17 "And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, that I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your young men shall see visions, your old men shall dream dreams."

The woman (Linda) was weeping and said, "I can't even look up!" She was being transformed as the Holy Ghost was being poured out in power and cleansing this woman as she repented and humbled herself in the presence of the Living God.

This was their friend, Leo, who GOT NALED by the Spirit of God! He said that he had been following them trying to "pick them up" that night and was now deeply convicted and repentive.

He told me, "Please pray for me." The Holy Ghost --showed up and showed out--as the Spirit touched and restored this man. He said afterwards, "I have got to go now that this has happened and I will see you all one day in heaven!" Praise the Lord Jesus!

Linda was a brand new person afterwards and it was as though a weight had been lifted off her her life! She left that evening changed, transformed, filled with the Holy Spirit and ready to serve Jesus!

Taking The Gospel To the Streets: Bike Week 2007

This was our very first "Raven Daytona Bike Week" and it was truly an awesome experience. This event is the World's Largest Motorcycle Event and the tens of thousands of motorcycles and the hundreds of thousands of people certainly proved that to be the case.
We had such a great time as Pastor Terry Shuff (Raven Midwest) and Raven Deb (Raven West Coast) came in to spend a week on the streets with us sharing Jesus and reaping a harvest of souls for the Kingdom!

Pastor Terry and Raven Deb get right to work sharing the Gospel with a couple of people on our first night out on the streets together.

Raven Deb called Pastor Troy over to minister to Nick, a homeless man who just a year ago worked a job earning six figures. He was looking for an answer to getting his life back---but wanted a short cut around making a commitment to Jesus.

We were able to minister and pray with Nick, and I gave him my phone number. Pray that he will make contact.

Raven Deb ministered to this woman who broke down sobbbing! She would later pray to ask Jesus into her heart. **Notice the sign right next to them--"Cemetary!" It reminded me of Psalm 139:8 "...if I make my bed in hell, you are there." This girl had made her bed in a living hell and Jesus found her there and saved her!

I ran into Robert on two seperate nights and was blessed to pray with him to introduce him to Jesus Christ!

This man claimed membership in the Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club and we ministered to him for about 45 minutes before finally ending the discussion and praying to bind the devil off of him! He took my number to connect for more discussion.

Raven Deb met this man one night and ministered at length to him and he came back to the same spot the next evening and asked Jesus into his life! PTL

Pastor Terry ministered to this man at lenght who was totally intoxicated and messed up spiritually.

He then had the opportunity to minister and pray with him further that night.

Kayla hit the streets with me on this night and was busy "fishing for souls"

Mary (16), Brittney (16) and Kayla (15) took the Word straight to these young men (as Dad stood close by!) The girls didn't need my help after all.

This man from Africa came by and rededicated his life to Jesus

While praying for him it triggered an outpouring (more about that later!)

Stacy ended up getting "smacked" by the Word and humbled by its power and authority. He started out prideful and resistent--but the Word pierced him through and enabled me to share the Truth with him at length.

Raven Deb gave one of our "Hey Girl" tracts to these two young women. One was very open to the Gospel, but the other continued to mock and pull her back into the filth.

Pastor Troy witnesses to a man while friend, Mike Seimer, stands near.

Pastor Terry and Raven Deb ministered to this homeless man and were able to lead him to Jesus! PTL

I confronted this couple because he was wearing a cross necklace AND a pin with the F*word in it too! She had profanity on her hat. They claimed to be Christians and when faced with the Word of God they said, "Well our pastor doesnt teach what you are saying and he doesnt care if we do this as long as we are at church on Sunday!" Can you belive that!

Al (left) is from Prince Edward Island, Canada and stands with our friend, Scott Durrants, as we shared the Gospel with this man who had NEVER really heard a clear presentation of the message of salvation.

Pastor Terry was relentless in his pursuit of the lost and dying. It was such a blessing to have him out on the streets with Raven Deb and I during Bike Week 2007.

This picture looks like Pastor Troy was snatching a souls from the flames of hell---and he was! The man he was praying for gave his heart to Jesus!

That says it all!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Tracts "Seed for the Fields": Bike Week 2007

There were certain elements that were at work during Bike Week 2007. These things could easily be summed up through the Word of God:
I John 2:15-16"Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world-- the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life-- is not of the Father but is of the world."
As we witnessed the crowds and saw the "flavor" we put together some tracts to hand out that would be both "quick and powerful" and would cause an instant reaction from the recipient. Here are some examples and why we put them together and what we hoped to have happen.

Many of the beer vendors would employ young women to stand and degrade themselves in order to sell their products. They were placed on elevated platforms-barely clothed, and men would come through and oogle them and lust over them as they bought alcohol. We started nailing them with these tracts as they stood in line. This lead to many witnessing opportunities as we said to men, "That could be your daughter, your sister, or some other relative." Many others would leave the area with their heads down as the Word of God spoke to them.


You could tell from day one that many people worshipped another name besides Jesus as this event---Harley Davidson. There was such an enormous spirit of pride at work here at this event and people were riding around on $70,000 custom motorcycles!
These tracts JUMPED out of our hands as people thought they were "Harley Decals!" Much to their suprise the message on the back was anything but an advertisement from Harley Davidson!

The ONLY thing that outnumbered the "counterfeit christians" were the "bogus bikers". It is amazing how "tough" and "bad" a person thinks that they can be by slipping on a pair of leather chaps, a sleeveless t-shirt and a vest that is a size too small!
We took it to these folks! You should have seen the look on the face of the 300 pound wanna-be bikers that turned it over to be exposed for the fraud that they were! You would have expected some of them to bring their tatoo-clad selves back to defend this ascertion---but the reality was that they wilted as they were exposed! We had MANY conversation and great witnesses off of this tract.
I told the team---we had to OUT FREAK the FREAKS and become BOLD were they were only BOGUS!



Pastor Terry was deeply disturbed at how many young women---and OLD women---would strip themselves down and dress like prostitutes. They would walk through the crowds as seductresses, trying to get the attention of any man they would look their way. They thought that the more looks or cat calls they recieved, the more "value" that they had.
We designed this tract specifically to be as "in your face" with the Word of God as they were with their sin. It was very effective to say the least!