Sunday, March 18, 2007

Taking The Gospel To the Streets: Bike Week 2007

This was our very first "Raven Daytona Bike Week" and it was truly an awesome experience. This event is the World's Largest Motorcycle Event and the tens of thousands of motorcycles and the hundreds of thousands of people certainly proved that to be the case.
We had such a great time as Pastor Terry Shuff (Raven Midwest) and Raven Deb (Raven West Coast) came in to spend a week on the streets with us sharing Jesus and reaping a harvest of souls for the Kingdom!

Pastor Terry and Raven Deb get right to work sharing the Gospel with a couple of people on our first night out on the streets together.

Raven Deb called Pastor Troy over to minister to Nick, a homeless man who just a year ago worked a job earning six figures. He was looking for an answer to getting his life back---but wanted a short cut around making a commitment to Jesus.

We were able to minister and pray with Nick, and I gave him my phone number. Pray that he will make contact.

Raven Deb ministered to this woman who broke down sobbbing! She would later pray to ask Jesus into her heart. **Notice the sign right next to them--"Cemetary!" It reminded me of Psalm 139:8 "...if I make my bed in hell, you are there." This girl had made her bed in a living hell and Jesus found her there and saved her!

I ran into Robert on two seperate nights and was blessed to pray with him to introduce him to Jesus Christ!

This man claimed membership in the Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club and we ministered to him for about 45 minutes before finally ending the discussion and praying to bind the devil off of him! He took my number to connect for more discussion.

Raven Deb met this man one night and ministered at length to him and he came back to the same spot the next evening and asked Jesus into his life! PTL

Pastor Terry ministered to this man at lenght who was totally intoxicated and messed up spiritually.

He then had the opportunity to minister and pray with him further that night.

Kayla hit the streets with me on this night and was busy "fishing for souls"

Mary (16), Brittney (16) and Kayla (15) took the Word straight to these young men (as Dad stood close by!) The girls didn't need my help after all.

This man from Africa came by and rededicated his life to Jesus

While praying for him it triggered an outpouring (more about that later!)

Stacy ended up getting "smacked" by the Word and humbled by its power and authority. He started out prideful and resistent--but the Word pierced him through and enabled me to share the Truth with him at length.

Raven Deb gave one of our "Hey Girl" tracts to these two young women. One was very open to the Gospel, but the other continued to mock and pull her back into the filth.

Pastor Troy witnesses to a man while friend, Mike Seimer, stands near.

Pastor Terry and Raven Deb ministered to this homeless man and were able to lead him to Jesus! PTL

I confronted this couple because he was wearing a cross necklace AND a pin with the F*word in it too! She had profanity on her hat. They claimed to be Christians and when faced with the Word of God they said, "Well our pastor doesnt teach what you are saying and he doesnt care if we do this as long as we are at church on Sunday!" Can you belive that!

Al (left) is from Prince Edward Island, Canada and stands with our friend, Scott Durrants, as we shared the Gospel with this man who had NEVER really heard a clear presentation of the message of salvation.

Pastor Terry was relentless in his pursuit of the lost and dying. It was such a blessing to have him out on the streets with Raven Deb and I during Bike Week 2007.

This picture looks like Pastor Troy was snatching a souls from the flames of hell---and he was! The man he was praying for gave his heart to Jesus!

That says it all!

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