Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Pastor Alex Hill
Pastor Troy D. Bohn

Welcome to the Raven Outreach and New Orleans International Church "Blog." We hope that this will serve as a means to provide information, inspiration, and impartation in regards to the Word of God and to the call upon every believer in the Lord Jesus to take HIS Gospel to a lost and dying world.


Pastor Troy D. Bohn & Pastor Alex Hill

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Cynthia Rubalcaba said...

Hey, Troy well I see God is using you and your family in an amazing way. I just wanted to say that we were not hit like a lot of people were and I thank God. We did have our own storm, we had to evacuated La Porte and go those roads everyone was talking about. We traveled in three cars and two ran out of gas. We made it to Carrington where my brother-in-law waited with gas to get us to his home. God is awesome, he showed me he love me and my brother-in-law loves and well as my sister,Roxanne. It was a trip I wouldn't want to take again but I would just to experience the love that was flowing through God. Our cars were fine when we did get to them and our home untouched. I pray that each person will continue to pray and help where God leads them to help, if only in prayer, that is most important.
Keep strong in faith and we love you,
Cynthia Rubalcaba