Friday, January 27, 2006

New Convert Stabbed Seven Times!

I just received news that a young man that we were blessed to lead to Jesus just a couple of weeks ago was attacked and stabbed (7) times by three gang members. The seventeen year old young man, Sergio (Pictured above) was taken to a local hospital and treated for the injuries.
The Team was back out this past Thursday and Sergio was there! He told Pastor Russ that he was saved and was going to keep serving Jesus! This area is a very violent and crime filled area of the city--but PRAISE GOD that there are "Ravens" going out each week making a difference for the Kingdom of God!
This is the article for the local paper that described the events: The Santa Rosa Democrat
A 17-year-old youth was rushed into surgery Saturday after three people stabbed him in the face and neck on Apple Valley Lane, police said.

A police search failed to turn up the assailants. The investigation is ongoing but was initially hampered because no witnesses to the attack have been located, said Santa Rosa Police Sgt. Nicholas Sensley.The teenager was stabbed at least three times - sustaining "pretty serious wounds" - and underwent surgery soon after noon, Sensley said.
He was "alert and lucid" when police arrived in response to a 911 call, and his wounds were not thought to be life threatening, Sensley said.Sensley would not name the juvenile victim, citing the ongoing investigation.
He said the teenager lives in Santa Rosa but was visiting the neighborhood, which is bisected by Steele Lane and bordered east and north by the Northwest Pacific Railroad tracks.
The teenager told police he was walking across the street when his assailants attacked him with a stick-like weapon and a knife.It wasn't clear Saturday evening if the victim knew his assailants, Sensley said, but he told police he believed they were gang members.
The 17-year-old said he was not a gang member and apparently was not wearing clothing or items that could have been mistaken for gang attire, Sensley said.
The victim said the three assailants, who appeared to be between 15 and 17 years old, fled in a dark gray Honda sedan. Police asked anyone with information about Saturday's attack to call 543-3590.

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Terry said...

This is a prime example why we must be on the streets. This person would not be found standing outside the door of the church waiting to come in and get saved! We must go out to reach the lost. Sergio came 1/2 inch from going to meet his maker. Sergio also came very close to eternity in hell if a RAVEN would not have ministered to him.