Friday, February 17, 2006

Last Call...

The gym that I go to is open 24/7. They provide a pass key for access by its members at any hour of the day. Because of the schedule that I often keep, many times it is 12:00 Midnight (or later) before I can actually just get away to go run and lift weights. I like it because I am typically the only one there and I have the place all to myself (and Jesus!)
The other night as I was leaving, I heard someone yell, "Hey! Is that Pastor Troy?" I looked out into the darkened parking lot and saw a young man, "Nick" jumping up and down excitedly. HE and his friends gather regularly at the adjacent coffee shop to hold Bible study, pray and encourage one another.
They immediately started asking how things were going out in the streets of the city. I began to share testimonies as to how many were giving their lives to Christ in the French Quarter and on Bourbon Street and that we were seeing such a hunger and openness for Jesus from those their age (Twenty-somethings).
I told them of our upcoming Mardi Gras Outreach (February 24-28) and told them that we needed "laborers for the harvest." Well, they all committed to being a part of this year's RAVEN team. Being college students, none could easily afford the registration fee for the week of outreach so...I offered to cover the cost of each one that wanted to come ($165 each- which covers lodging, all meals, Raven gear, and tracts).
These young men are on FIRE and anxious to "get out there" and shake it up for the Lord Jesus Christ. I know that this will literally bea life changing event for them as it was for me when I first participated in a Mardi Gras Outreach event in 1996. We will have "seasoned vets" teaching and imparting during our chapel times before we hit the streets each day and these guys are in for a time that will prove to be like attending an Evangelism 101 course!
THEN I got a call earlier today from a young man in Denver, Colorado who works as a missionary with YWAM (Youth with a Mission). He was here with a team last October and we took their group out to the Quarter to witness.
A friend of his had told him that he was coming for the outreach and he expressed that he would also like to attend...but being that he too was a missionary, he also did not have the finances available to come (except for getting a plane ticket). So, I told hime to come on and we'd believe that God would provide the needed funds for him as well!
This is the last call! The last call for you to get involved and (1) come be a part of the year's most intense and exciting opportunity to change the lives of many thousands of people for eternity (2) invest financially into helping sponsor one of those willing (but not financially able) to hit the mission fields of America at such a strategic hour in time.
We have already been able to gather support for (8) and have another 10-12 who we are desiring to get involved and needing help financially. Thanks so much for Brother Abel, a missionary himself in Italy, who sent $200 to help and Bob a contractor from BAton Rouge who sent $165 to sponsor a missionary for the outreach, and Brother Don, a local evangelist, who dropped off a check for $1000 to help sponsor soul-winners as well.
Melanie and I felt led to provide the money for a team from Texas to come (5) that also needed to rent a car because they had no reliable transportation to make the 16 hour drive. Any and all assistance will go far in "putting feet to the street" during Mardi Gras 2006---THIS is where we make our stand! Can you help too?
YOU CAN HELP by going to our website and then clicking on the "Make A Donation" button and following the simple instructions. While you are there check out the NEW VIDEO called "Send Me", that we just uploaded to the web page as well!
A Good Sign That Things Are Looking Up In New Orleans: A large contingency of local pastors gathered at the city offices to "repent" for how they have dealt with the Katrina situation and how they have not been faithful themselves in regards to reaching and helping the city! Praise God---I was thrilled at seeing these come together and take the response-ability for the lost of this city!
PLEASE PRAY FOR ME as I will be out of town this weekend doing ministry. I will be flying into South Bend, Indiana in the morning. I will be holding a RAVEN Meeting tomorrow night in Elkhart, Indiana with Bro Terry & Eileen Shuff (Raven Midwest). They are bringing in a team of (24) from the area for the Mardi Gras Outreach. They and assistant RMW directors, Steve & Jodi Ignowski, are doing a tremendous work up north in Chicago and in the jails and dentention centers!
Then Sunday morning I will be preaching at Voice Ministries with Pastor Bob Deering. They also have a 24/7 prayer center and will be our prayer support for the outreach. Sunday afternoon, Bro Terry and I will be attending a pastor's meeting in South Bend and sharing with them the ministry of Raven in New Orleans and across the nation. Sunday evening we will be at Word of Truth Church with Pastor Mike Kelly. This is where our awesome friends Lance & Leigh Prathaftakis attend church and oversee the youth ministry. (They are also coming to the Mardi Gras Outreach and bringing a team from there).
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