Monday, March 27, 2006

RAVEN RESCUE: Extreme Church Build

RAVEN Ministries has long worked in both the spiritual and practical side of ministry since its earliest stages. From operating the Jesus Cafe' where we provided hot, sit-down meals for approximately 250 homeless men, women and children to our annual Thanksgiving Outreach and Food Distribution that saw 1200 a year take home all the things necessary to provide a full-blown holiday meal for their family to Hurricane Relief and Raven Street Church.

Jesus said in the be-attitudes that "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy." Mercy is just not some idea, or philosophical expression---mercy is REAL-LIFE! Mercy is not a "pat on the back" and a "you're okay and I'm okay" thing that comes without effort or for that matter, a price!

To the hungry, mercy is something to eat. To the homeless, mercy is a place to sleep. To those held captive by sin, mercy is deliverance. Mercy is us being His hands and feet.

Last year we joined with Streetwise Ministry ( to reach into Tijuana, Mexico. We helped enlarge a church there and assist the pastor in ministry to the community. Our work and support there will continue.

This year, in addition to Tijuana, Mexico on the west side of the nation-- we will be adding a ministry project/opportunity to Juarez, Mexico- just across the Texas border from El Paso.

I spoke with Pastor David Roberson, the director of Casas por Cristo ( this past weekend about the tremendous need and awesome opportunities to take the MERCY and MESSAGE of the Lord Jesus Christ into this deserate place.

Our goal is to build an ENTIRE CHURCH in Juarez, Mexico in the early fall of this year. We will need to raise approximately $10,000 to finance the construction and associated costs of this project. We will be drawing from a skilled labor force of ministry volunteers in Texas, New Mexico and other surrounding areas to turn-key and dedicate this project to a local pastor in about FOUR DAYS of construction!

We obviously need YOUR help. Raven Ministries International has already set up to send monthly support to the ongoing ministry of Casas por Cristos in addition to the church build project. We believe in what they and Pastor David are doing there and their heart to reach people for the Lord Jesus Christ.

I told Pastor David that I would immediately began raising the necessary finances to build the church and would get with him on a specific date when 1/2 ($5,000) had been raised. I'm am believing God that ALL the needed funds will be recieved by June and that we can schedule the build for sometime in October.

I have already been on the telephone with an electrician, and a couple of framers who have committed to come assist in the project (many of you know that I operated a drywall business for several years early on in my ministry--and you'll see me there hanging sheetrock too!).

LET's GET MOVING on this soon and nail down a date for the build so those wanting to join us can make plans (and hopefully that will include YOU too!). What would be TOTALLY AWESOME would be if we could not only raise the funds to build the CHURCH, but also an additional $5,600 to build a house to go along with it!

Here's what needs to be done:

1. PRAY. When things start in prayer, they end in victory! Pray for people to give. Pray for help on the build. Pray against the attempts of the enemy to derail this work.

2. GIVE. "Faith without works is dead." Put some substance (money) to your support. Melanie and I are personally giving the first $100 towards the project TODAY---so the need has already went down to just $9,900 in just a few minutes. I am believing that we are going to see a rapid multiplication in a short amount of time! UPDATE 3/27 ***We had a pledge come in for $1000 earlier this evening! Praise the Lord we now only need $8,900 to do the church build!

3. HELP. Maybe our annual "Mardi Gras Outreach" seems too much for you. How about coming and getting your hands dirty for Jesus? We will be doing the construction project AND setting up to prepare FREE hot meals for the community and doing daily and evening ministry there to the locals as well. There is a place just right for you!

You can give your financial support one of two ways:

Go to our ministry website at and click on the "Make A Donation" button and give your donation through PayPal (credit card, electronic check, etc.) or you can send your check to:

Raven Ministries - Mexico Build

P.O. Box 113196

Metairie, LA 70011

If you want to make a pledge to be sent at a later date, email us and let us know the amount and when you can have it completed. You can then send it in as you can until the pledge is completed. Just email us and let us know if this would be they best for you!

It is going to be AWESOME to see what the Lord Jesus is going to do there in Mexico and in YOUR life as well.


Pastor Troy D. Bohn

"When you SEE IT like Jesus saw will DO IT like Jesus did it!"

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This sounds so great! I can hardly wait! And I can swing a hammer!

Kim Romero
JPPO Secretary
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