Saturday, April 22, 2006

Bourbon Street Ministry (4/21)

We had a great team out tonight on Bourbon Street. Thomas and I took several "first-timers" out with us this evening and they were "hooked!" Its always such a blessing when you have people just willing to go out and learn to reach people for Jesus. He is just looking for those who will make themselves available---He'll empower them and give them the words to say.

The young lady on the far right actually had to catch a plane back home to Southern California at 6:00 AM on Saturday, but was still willing and excited about being on the streets with our team until about 2:00 AM this morning! She said that she was coming back for sure.

These were the first people that I stopped tonight. Justin, Sasha and Scott were from Detroit and schedule to head back home on Saturday---but not until they met JESUS first. Sasha and Scott immediately knew that this was a moment ordained by God for them to get their lives right and they knelt and prayed with me right there in the middle of Bourbon Street to recieve Christ into their lives!
Dan was another one of this amazing little stories. He had left Ohio to go to Texas and then was in Mexico before coming to New Orleans....whew...and all in the past three months. He knew thatGod had been dealing greatly in his life and we were able to pray with him for wisdom and direction in serving Jesus with ALL OF HIS HEART AND LIFE!

All said we got to talk to many people about the Lord Jesus and even ran into a couple of brothers from a local church whom we were able to encourage and pray for. God is Good!

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