Saturday, April 15, 2006

Dayton Beach Florida Ministry

I asked the security guard at the place where we are staying, "What is the roughest, most unsaory area in Daytona Beach?" The reply was, "Down at Ridgecrest and Madison. That is where al lthe prostitutes gather and where the serial killer has abducted his last three victims."

That was all I needed to hear before heading out! I always stand by what John Wesley said, "Don't just got to them that need you, but to them that need you the most!"

Jesus went to the bound, the broken, and the bruised, and that is where we endeavor to go as well. "Lord Jesus, send US to the places where they are forgotten and where others might be reluctant to take your life gving message of salvation!"

This is me (Pastor Troy) with Michael Dewey. I met Michael on Atlantic Ave, just about 100 yards from the ocean. He was standing there panhandling, so Melanie, Kayla and I turned the van around and pulled over where I then got out and called him over to me.

Michael has been on the streets for the past eight years. He is 54 years old, but the harshness of living on the streets and being bound by the yoke of sin, drugs, alcohol and hopelessness has aged him well beyond his years.

As we spoke, I found out that he has not seen his son in eight years and said he probably has grandchildren that he has yet to even see or know about. I began to share the Gospel of Jesus with him and to bring the GOOD NEWS of salvation to this man who had been "sucked into the streets" with seemingly no way out...EXCEPT FOR JESUS!

As you may be able to tell by the photograph, Michael (or "Dewey" as he is known on the streets) became convicted, and broken b the presence of the Holy Spirit. He literally crumpled to his knees there on the parking lot as I prayed for him. I gave him my number and told him that he can call me anytime and I will help him find a way off the streets and back to his family who must miss and worry about him terribly. PLEASE pray for him as well.

RAVEN MINISTRIES had a BUSY weekend in Jesus!

Terry Shuff was leading a team into Detroit today with some dear brothers and sisters in the Lord there. They set up and fed the hungry and ministered the Gospel to the many who flocked to them from the streets.

Pastor Alex and Holly were ministering in the inner-city of Austin, Texas today. I spoke to him earlier and they had fed many homeless and had the opportunity to pray, comfort and minister to them as well.

Rudy Gonzales (Raven West Coast) was back out with the team today ministering and I am awaiting a report from his team today!

Todd Bohn has been preaching all week long in New Orleans and will be preaching the Easter Morning Service as well. People are hungry for more than a "popcorn-presentation" of the Gospel (greasy, satisfying for just a few minutes, and more gets stuck in your teeth than in your belly) We have literrly spent until 4-5 o'clock in the morning sharing and discipling people there at the relief site.

PRAISE THE LORD that He has graced Raven Ministries to ttake His glorious Gospel to a world starving for the spiritual nourishment of the Bread of Life!

As you can see, RAVEN MINISTRIES is working to fulfill the GREAT COMMISSION throughout this Nation and BEYOND! We were literally working and ministering from COAST TO COAST simultaneously this RESURRECTION Weekend!

"You shall be WITNESSES when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost parts of the world." THIS is our MISSION and THIS we ENDEAVOR to DO.

In the next few weeks I will personally be in Pennysylvania (Baltimore/DC Area) and in New York City. We are truly seeing a GRASSROOTS MOVE OF GOD in some of the most strategic areas of the country.

We need your help to keep going with the Gospel. The time to short and the need is getting greater by the day. CAN YOU HELP US THIS MONTH? I know as well as anybody the demands on all of our finances. These are tight times for many, but would you pray and see if the Lord would have you do something? We would certainly appreciate it and I know those who lives are FOREVER transformed by His Gospel would be eternally greatful.

You can give securely online by clicking HERE or by sending your missions offering to us at: RAVEN MINISTRIES P.O. Box 113196 Metairie, Louisiana 70011

Thank you sos much for your love and support!


Pastor Troy D. Bohn

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