Monday, April 10, 2006

***Prayer Alert***

(Monday) April 10, 2006 (5:10 PM)

Dear Friends, Family, & Prayer Warriors for Jesus!

Just a quick update on the recent prayer requests and a couple of more for you to lift up in the next few days as well. We have alredy seen the hand of God move mightily in these lives since the word went out for people to pray. Thank you so much for your dilligence and passion for prayer and standing with our brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ!

I just spoke to our dear friend, DOT CHANCE, who many of you know and love just as Melanie and I do. She and her husband, Bobby, head up Streetwise Ministry based out of Hollywood, California.

She had gone to the doctor today and her blood pressure was too high. She had not been feeling herself the past few days and had not been able to rest so she thought she needed to go get checked out.

Please be praying for her healing. She told me, "God healed me a couple of years ago from this high blood pressure and I know that He can do it again." Let her know you are praying at

Many of you have been praying for MEREDITH LINDSEY from Fairfield, Texas. The first report was that he may have had a tumor on his spinal column--but praise God that is not the case! He is at the East Texas Medical Center in Tyler, Texas. They said the source of his numbness in the leg was his siatic nerve affected by a neck injury that he had experienced a couple of years back. They are going to do surgery to fix the problem at 9:30 AM in the morning (PRAY).

This is one dear brother in Jesus who is ALL ABOUT willing people to Christ. We need him healed and back on his feet. The harvest is too great and the laborers too few to have him on the sidelines!

I spoke with Brother Steve Delano yesterday on the telephone and he is doing better. He said he just feels like he had ridden bare-back for too long! Please keep praying for he and his wife as they speed to healing from the accident that could have claimed their lives had it not been for Jesus.

The man that struck them was traveling at a high rate of speed and literally catapulted them off of t he highway and into an oak tree! Bro Steve is a powerful evangelist and is another one we need back in the fight! The devil is a liar and JESUS is the healer!

Manuel Perez, our administraive assistant Elva Garza's dad, is home from the hospital today. He had suffered a couple of minor strokes and had pneumonia as well. He is up in age and needs lots of care and especially prayer. Pray for his wife and family too as they minister to him as he recovers.

We believe that each of these individuals is a testimony about to happen because of what our Lord and Savior Jesus did for them upon the Cross! Lets just continue to pray and intercede for them all.

ALSO, Melanie and I will be leaving for Daytona Beach, Florida on Wednesday to meet with some people and scout out some future outreach sites and opportunities. Daytona Beach is one of the cities that the Lord placed upon our hearts at the first of the year to target for evangelism.

Throughout the year there are major events that draw hundreds of thousands of people to the city including: Bike Week, The Daytona 500, The Pepsi 500, The Firecracker 500, Biketoberfest, Spring Breakl and others. This is truly one of the nations "hot spots" for outreach and evangelism and we are looking to establish a RAVEN ministry there in the near future as well. We'll be in Pennyslvania and New York City in May working to get something going in those two strategic places as well.

The next few months look to be INTENSE in regards to soul winning both here in New Orleans and across the nation as well. Between now and October we will be ministering and taking teams to Los Angeles' Skid Row (June), Albuquerque, NM (July), Indiana and Chicago (August), then we will be building a church in Juarez, Mexico (October). This is all in addtion to the regular work on the streets of New Orleans and training and ministering in churches and on the streets of this nation as well.

We could certainly use your help financially to get rolling in the next few months. Unlike many ministries we have nothing to sell, nor do we offer a free prophecy or some other scam in return for your gift. We can only tell you that we are about the business of taking the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the lost and taking hope and help to the broken, hungry and homeless.

Anything that the Holy Spirit would direct you in would be much appreciated and would go far in spreading His LIVING WORD to a DYING WORLD. You can give securely online by clicking the "Give for Souls" button at the bottom or by sending your gift to the address listed.


Pastor Troy D. Bohn

Raven Outreach: P.O. Box 113196 Metairie, LA 70011


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