Thursday, June 29, 2006

Skid Row Outreach: Los Angeles, California

On June 24th, Raven Ministries and StreetWise Ministries joined together for the "Skid Row Super-Saturday." It was an incredible time in JESUS as the team came from Northern California, Southern California, Florida (!), and several churches including; Hope Chapel, Christian Community Center, and The Living Well.

I was especially blessed to see many "families" out working together to feed and minister JESUS to the hundreds of homeless that came to the outreach location in downtown Los Angeles. These "families" included- Rudy & Lori Gonzales and their daughters, Frank and Angie Blondina and their son and two daughters, Brian Bennett and his son, Bobby & Don Chance and their grandson and Pastor Ron Smedley and his wife and son. THAT is what the Lord Jesus desires: Families coming together as a unit to reach "other" families!
The people on "Skid Row" represent someone else's sons, daughters, nephews, dads, moms, or grandparent and someone is PRAYING that Jesus would send someone reach out in love, compassion and truth to them.

A BIG THANKS to Ron & Judy Radachy of the Oasis of Hollywood who hosted some of our team at their Hollywood outreach center.

(Above) This was an AWESOME team for the Skid Row Outreach and they all had such servants hearts and a desire to see people ministered to for Jesus Christ! THANK YOU all who came to lend such a tremendous hand.

(Above) Someone's "Grandmother" comes through the line and gets a "homemade" cookie made available through the ministry of Christian Community Center Church in Sunland, California.

(Above) Dot Chance and CeCe Gonzales serve someone's "Mom or Sister" lunch during our Skid Row Outreach. Many thanks to Dot for serving as the food preparation/organization coordinator for this event. There is so much work that goes into putting these things together and Dot always does a fantastic job.

(Above) My flight into Los Angeles arrived "just in time" to join Bobby & Dot along with their oldest grandson, Dakota, in shopping for many of the food items served at the Skid Row Super Saturday Outreach. *Notice that we are not at a local "Food Bank" purchasing surplus food for this event. While food banks provide a great service (at a bargain price) for many events, food pantries, and benevolence ministry--we feel that during times like this, it is necessary to "pull out all the stops" and serve the ABSOLUTE BEST to people in the ABSOLUTE WORST of situations.

When you give financially to the work of RAVEN Ministries International, you can rest assured that we are determined to represent Christ Jesus and His Word at the highest level possible.

(Above) It doesn't take long for the lines to begin forming once the teams beging their set up. There is no need for "fliers" or "invitaions" out where people are hurting. Bring the solution (food for the hungry, and salvation to the lost) and they will come out in mass.

(Above) The fresh cut watermelon was a great big hit out in the street! One man said, "YES! I haven't had watermelon in a month of sundays!" We forget sometimes that the "menu" of the homeless seldom contains fresh fruit and vegetables.

(Above) The "Young Guns" getting the melons ready for the hundreds who would join us on this day for lunch and a whole lot more!

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