Sunday, July 02, 2006

"BEACH REACH" Daytona Beach, Florida

Those of you who have never participated in a Daytona Beach Outreach, need to make plans to attend one of the outreach events scheduled throughout the year. This year's "Beach Reach" event corresponds with the Pepsi 400 NASCAR race at the Daytona International Speedway and the huge 4th of July Holiday Weekend.
This years team includes about 50-60 young people from various places who have come to get equipped and released for the work of the ministry. There is no "special age" for the outreach--we need the youth and the seasoned to help reach a lost and dying world.
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(Above) The team puts "first things first" as they worship the Lord Jesus before preparing to go out and share his good news with the tens of thousands that we'll encounter on this long day.

(Above) This year's outreach band is led by Evang. Mark Johnson of Forerunner Ministries (Minnesota) and he is joined by his two son, Phillip and Steve on the guitar and drums and Will (guitar) as well as Joe from Joy Fellowship in Slidel, Louisiana.

(Above) The young people stand and give testimony of the opportunities to witness and lead people to Christ on the previous day and spend time in the presence of the Lord crying out for a harvest.

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