Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Daytona Beach Outreach Report

2 Chr 16:99 "For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him..."
Last night we wrapped up nearly a week of ministry, outreach and "equipping" here in Daytona Beach. While my "physical man" is a little sore and tired, my "spiritual man" is so strengthened and wrested as a result of seeing Jesus do some amazing things in the past six day.

I was blessed on Monday night late to stop and talk to a young twenty-seven year old young man from India. He was in Daytona Beach over the weekend visiting a couple of his friends. He has been traveling and working in the US for the past five years as a software consultant for major corporations. His travels take him to a new US city about every six months and then back home to India for a month or so as he awaits another assignment.
I found it very interesting to speak with him for about an hour there on the Boardwalk adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean as he waited for his friends who were inside a video arcade. He was a very articulate and intelligent young man, having earned his master's degree and now enjoying a good career and opportunities to travel to many places.
As he spoke, I thought to myself, "He is living the American Dream." Yet, this young man was anything but happy or fulfilled. While he boasted an education, a strong family relationship, financial prosperity, and security--there was just an enormous void still looming in this man's life.
He shared with me about his nation, and how he hoped to marry in the next year (it is customary for Indian men to marry in their 27th to 28th year) and that his marriage would be arranged by his parents (also customary in their culture.) When I quizzed him on this very foreign idiology, he said, "They will choose the very best for their son." WOW, what trust and confidence---we could leard much from just that.
I shared with him the fact that I am a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and that I too travel and share His truth and hope of salvation. He was very attentive and respectful towards me and what I was saying to him. While our conversation did not result in his "on the spot conversion" to Christ, I know it went a long way in revealing Jesus to him in a way that he has probably never known.
One thing stands out that he said to me. He said, "I am amazed at the way Americans people speak evil of your country and of your president. I travel around the world and their is no nation on earth that even comes close to America in terms of greatness. What we would give to have a man like George Bush as our "premier" and have the liberties and freedoms that you have."
As his friends come out of the video arcade he introduced them to me before they made their way into the night. Yes, this nation is blessed to be a blessing to people like "Neal" and the greatest resource that we have is the Message of the Lord Jesus Christ!

(Above) The Boardwalk was a bevy of activity as the team continued to "pick off" people for the Kingdom of God. Here, several of the team pray for a man and his friend.

(Above) Pastor Frank "intercepted" this young man with a Word of Knowledge concerning some things that he had faced and a solemn warning that he needed to repent and turn to the grace and mercy of God while their was still time....he did! Praise the Lord!

(Above) This young man (Tyler) from Hinesville, Georgia was a "bulldog" for Jesus as he goes after this couple sitting out on the Boardwalk. He witnessed and prayed with them and shared about the power of the Holy Spirit.

(Above) The Raven "Jesus Bus" was busy all week running the teams to and from the various outreach sites and back to the host church where they "camped out" all week. Thank all of you who gave to enable us to have this vehicle for outreaches such as this one and our Mardi Gras Outreach as well.

(Above) The team takes a well deserved break as we closed out the outreach on the evening of July 4th. These young people were going from 8:00 AM to around 1:00 Am each day for the past week. Here they watch the fireworks going off in the background.

(Above) The FINAL RUN of BEACH REACH 2006! After several days of long hours, hot sun and tremendous opportunities to share the life transforming power of the Blood of Jesus, we loaded them up for the final run back to the base camp!

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