Friday, August 25, 2006

JESUS IS LORD: Amsterdam

Joesi- I stopped this man from Suriname (South America) last night and began to share Jesus with him. He was a backslider that had walked with the Lord years ago before being ensnared by the cares of this world. As he would offer an "excuse" for his sin, I would provide the "Word" on how he could be set free. As I would share the Word with him, you could see a deep conviction setting upon him. His eyes would gloss over with tears and he would grow silent. I was able to pray that the strongholds would be broken off of his life and like the Prodigal son he would "come to himself" and realize that he had a place to return to in his "Father's House."
David- A man of mid-forties stopped as he saw the cross standing on the bridge in the Red Light District. He was curious as to what we were doing---so we told him! He was a mariner who had ported there in Amsterdam for a couple of days. He docked to "party" in Amsterdam, but his plans "ran ashore" when his sink was sunk in the presence of the Lord! We prayed and gave him contact info.
Bro. Grampon was walking along the canal and I noticed a "cross" necklace hanging from his neck and plus he was wearing an "old school" Kangol hat exactly like mine! I yelled out--certainly NOT expecting the response that I got--"Hey, Preacher!" To which he turned around in the midst of the crowd to look my way. I went up to him and found that he was a minister, originally from Africa but now in Europe and establishing an "Army of God" there in the city. He had just returned from ministering in Romania. He walked me to their church building and we prayed together there and he invited us to come ANYTIME to preach on the streets with him!
Nick was drawn to the cross and the spectacle of the team standing around witnessing and praying with people. He approached and obviously wasn't from Europe--he was from North Carolina and was a pilot for AirForce One. He was there flying several congressman on a tour of Europe and this was their latest stop. I didn't recognize the politicians. We were able to share with him and then pray for him before he left. We said, "Tell President Bush that there are some crazy Christian people out there praying for him." To which he seriously replied, "...I will..he is a very Godly man." PTL that we were able to witness to and share Jesus with someone that regularly has contact wit the President of the United States!
Josh was a young man in his early twenties that we encountered there on the streets. He began to tell of his life and shared that he was in some trouble with the law because he had sex with a 13 year old girl and her parents had found out. We used that as a means to take the consequences of sin to him and reveal the true bondage that he was under. He did allow us to pray with him after spending about an hour talking to various members of the team.
Marcus Camby the 7 foot tall center for the Denver Nuggets (NBA) came walking by our table as we broke for lunch. The locals looked at him as just a "very tall man" but as soon as I saw him I recognized the face and soon it came to me that it was Marcus Camby. Two of us got up from the table and followed him down the street where we were able to by-pass his small entourage and spreak with him.
These are just a few of the lives being changed, transformed and affected by the preaching of the Gospel here in Amsterdam! Thank you so muc for your love, prayers and support!
Pastor Troy

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