Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sharing the Message of Salvation with the Nations of the Word

Simon, visiting Amsterdam from Germany, came from a largely agnostic family. He is a twenty-six year old, university educated man who I met "on the bridge" as we witnessed one night. It was such a blessing to see his reaction as I spoke the Word of God to him. He was awestruck as the Holy Spirit was moving and ministering to him. I asked him, "Do you feel that? That's the Holy Spirit dealing with you." It was as he was afraid to blink in fear that the tears pooling on his lower eyelids would flow down his cheeks! It was such a blessing to have the opportunity to pray with him.
Saba is a man who came from Bosnia and is now living on the streets of Amsterdam. We first me when he came into the internet cafe' begging for money. I helped him that day and was able to witness to him briefly. The next day I ran into him again (which is amazing considering the crowds of people). He told me that he was sick with a sore throat. I prayed for his healing and the next day (here we go again) I ran into him once more and he testified that he had been healed!
This was an amazing story as I apprached this young man to share Jesus with him. Come to find out he was from a town about 30 minutes away from where I was raised a child in Southern, California! He was now attending a fashion merchandising school in London. He had once felt a deep call upon his life, but had abandoned it after serving in the military for a couple of years. I was able to take him to the Word and pray for him.
Another neat story! Nathan works as a petroleum engineeer in Kazakstan (formery in the Soviet Union) for a month at a time--then goes home for a month (to Houston, Texas!) He had just been in town a short while when we converged on "my bridge." He shared that he was the victim of a theif while waiting for his train. They took his laptop, passport, and the cash he also had in his bag. He too had once felt a strong call to the children/youth ministry. I ministered to and prayed with him at length--and then had him pray for a young man that came up to talk!
Jarron is sixteen years old and came to talk to me night after night. He has been hooked on marijuana for the past four years (since he was 12!) and spends each day going to the coffee houses (where they don't sell coffee--but various types of pot). I was able to share the Word of God with him in depth and present the plan of salvation and pray with him on several occassions.

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RAVEN Deb said...

Praise God. For His toatally perfect will, and plan and timing. For His knowing who to send us on our path. That He fills our hearts with the desire to reach each soul for him is all i ask. Fill me Lord and keep me filled, and send me. Amen.