Thursday, September 28, 2006

Daytona Beach Outreach

Our weekly Beach Outreach here in Daytona continues to be a powerful night of ministry as we see the hand of Jesus touching so many lives. This past wek we were blessed to have some reinforcements in from Texas-- Meredith Lindsey and Jim Snead had driven all the way here from Fairfield, Texas to spend a few days with us and were a tremendous blessing to have.
It is amazing to see how God still uses "loaves and fishes" to minister to the multitudes. This past week we once again took one of our favorites out (this must come from our time spent in New Orleans!) red beans & rice with sausage! That and the Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper are always a big hit on the boardwalk.
On this particular evening it was non-stop ministry as Melanie and Kayla manned the food table, allowing me and the guys to minister to the constant flow on people coming by. They come from every walk of life and from every situation imaginable---they come for the food--but they are also drawn by the presence of the Lord Jesus.
We have been so blessed to find people open to the Word of God and to ministry and prayer as we go out. We are seeing people come out just because they know we will be there! We are seeing people come and kneel right there on the sidewalk and ask Jesus to come into their lives.
Thank all of you who pray for us regularly as we "take Jesus to the streets." If you have been praying about the right time sow financially into this ministry--this would be a great time! It typically costs us about $100 per week to finance just the Saturday night outreach. Yet--that is such a small investment when you consider the lives that are being changed and the souls that are being saved! Would you consider sponsoring a night or even 1/2 a night?
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Pastor Troy

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