Monday, September 18, 2006

Email Message from "Jade"

Dear Pastor Troy Bohn,
How are you? Hope you still remember us, we met each other in Dam Square, Amsterdam.We are Chinese young Christains. Now, Jade is writing to you (in the image, I was beside you in pink shirt, we raised our hands).
Really wanna say thanks to all of you, it was an awesome spiritual experience to talk to you and prayed with you. That day, I was shocked and delighted to see you with the Cross there!! It was so touched. Praise God, our family members are everywhere. Wish God continue blessing your preach wherever you are, it's God''s will.
I have to say sorry for writting you such late since I just got these pictures from others. I am sending them to you, wish you will like.
God bless you and your team!
Jade Liang


Igy said...


Raven Midwest said...

Brother, that is good stuff!!! We look forward to RAVEN/AMSTERDAM 2007!!!!

RAVEN Deb said...

PT..Have you booked our plane tickets yet???!!! :) Amen and God bless Jade and all her friends.