Saturday, October 14, 2006


These have been some intense times—and we are well aware as to the reasons! We are seeing things happen in the ministry of unprecedented proportions and the devil is “up against the ropes!”

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When we were just a few people in one solitary neighborhood, we were not much of a threat to the enemy’s plans. When I first started pastoring a church years ago and 99% of our ministry was relegated to the confines of the “church building” we were not much of a threat to his territory!

But now that God has caused an increase and has knit together hearts across this nation to form Raven Ministries International---we are fast moving up his “public enemy” list!

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He hates the fact that saints have been willing to go into some of this nation’s most notorious places and share the message of the Cross! Now we have established teams that criss-cross this nation and the Holy Spirit has given them such a heart of love and unity that it’s SCARY for the devil---Praise God!

This weekend alone:

Pastor Meredith Lindsey (Raven Fairfield) is conducting an outreach to bridge racial lines in a very racially segregated central Texas town. He has invited two African-American pastors to join in an outreach to share the Gospel and a free meal to an at-risk neighborhood. They are planning on joining forces every two weeks in an effort to claim this community for Jesus---the devil does not like it!

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Pastor Sam Croghan (Raven East Coast) will be in Westminster, Maryland tomorrow joining in a “Back to the Future” event designed to combat the infiltration of gangs and drugs in this very depressed community---the devil doesn’t like it!

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Pastor Alex Hill (Raven International) will be joining Pastor Todd Bohn (Raven Post) in Post, Texas for a weekend community-wide outreach on the 14th & 15th. They have partnered with local churches and a local school to have a free ‘enchilada dinner’ at the school and then Pastor Alex will be ministering the Word there Saturday night and Sunday---the devil doesn’t like it!

Pastor Terry Shuff (Raven Midwest) is taking a team to the streets of South Bend, Indiana tonight for street ministry and then will head to Benton Harbor, Michigan with a team tomorrow to an extremely impoverished (and as a res ult crime infested) area that they have been hitting repeatedly with the Gospel---the devil doesn’t like it!

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Pastor Rudy Gonzalez (Raven West Coast) went to the food bank yesterday to pick up the groceries for the 500 families that they take 7,000 to 10,000 pounds of food to and pray and minister to each week---and the food bank told them that their buying privileges had been revoked---the devil doesn’t like the fact that they are reaching into the worst or the worst neighborhoods and seeing souls come into the Kingdom on a weekly basis. They went to the neighborhoods anyway---and took the Bread of Life and the Fruit of the Spirit and the Water of the Word and they spread a table of Spiritual Meat and all were filled---the devil doesn’t like it!

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Pastor Done Eskine and Pastor Thomas Derrick are taking their team into Jackson Square (New Orleans’ French Quarter) tonight where they will feed the hungry and then stand at the North Gate and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in front of a pad-locked sepulcher (dead church) where just a hundred and fifty years ago slaves were sold on the auction block. Today they are still peddling human lives in this place—the only difference is that the chains have been traded for Mardi Gras beads and the slave traders now call themselves bartenders, strip club owners, and tarot card readers—but these guys are seeing souls saved and lives turned around each week---and the devil doesn’t like it!

Tomorrow night our team will be out on the streets of Daytona Beach where we are having dozens of young kids come and sit and listen to us each week as we serve them a meal, share with them about Jesus, listen to their hearts and pray with them. They continue to come and when they get there—they don’t want to leave---and the devil doesn’t like it!


We are experiencing an UNPRECEDENTED HARVEST and an UNPRECEDENTED AMOUNT OF OPPOSITION. The devil is working overtime to thwart the work that God is doing and trying to squash the momentum that we h ave been experiencing—but we are standing firm in the FAITH!

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The medical help that we thought we were going to be getting was suddenly “snatched” away without explanation---but we’re standing on FAITH.

Our landlord called and the City is building a new road—and will be bulldozing our home, causing us to be out the unexpected expense associated with moving into another house at the end of October---but we are standing on FAITH! And we have already found another house to move to (and the owner is a believer!)

The support for the ministry has dwindled to a trickle over the past few months with a fraction of the response that we had just a year ago---and now we are doing 10x’s the ministry----we are standing on FAITH!!


Nicolas—a three year old boy in the hospital in San Francisco, Calf. His mother works with Pastor Rudy and the child is in the hospital with a cancerous brain tumor. We are praying and standing on FAITH for his healing and the salvation of his mother (Julianna).

Maxine (Dot Chance of Streetwise Ministries mother) she has been ill and was in the hospital. We are standing on FAITH and believing JESUS for her healing!

The Souls of all of those who our missionaries will meet on the streets of the cities across this nation this weekend. May the Holy Spirit soften and convict their hearts that times of great harvest will occur in this Nation.


Pastor Troy D. Bohn!

Check things out:
****FLASH**** I just recieved a call from Pastor Alex & Holly in Texas. They were on there way to Post, Texas from Austin and the Motor Home broke down on the side of the road. They are about an hour or so from Post and they can't get it started. They are planning on spending the night there and seeing if they can find someone to look at it in the morning. Please pray that it is somethig very simple and inexpensive to fix. (the devil is mad) Thye can be reached on the road by cell at 806-206-1070. They are scheduled to minister at a city-wide outreach tomorrow at 6:00 PM and need this resolved quickly.

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