Sunday, December 24, 2006


RAVEN POST (TX) went out and demomstrated "Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards Men" this Christmas weekend in the West Texas town of Post. This awesome team, led by Pastor Todd Bohn & Pastor Les Looney loaded up nearly 400 wrapped gifts onto a flatbed trailer and made the rounds through some of the needy neighborhoods.

Joining the "caravan" were a team of people excited about taking a little holiday cheer and a lot of the love and message of Jesus out "to the streets!"

Braving the chilly cold, the team took gifts to all the children in the homes and went in and ministered and prayed for each one as well. Bro. Brad Perez of Raven Post reported that they picked up several "helpers" along the way as several teenagers wanted to go with them to help out!

Raven Midwest took to the streets of Southbend, Indiana this weekeded to provide a Christmas dinner and free "shopping" for needy families to come and pick out a gift for their children. Raven not only provided the gift, but made wrapping paper available for the parent to personally wrap the present themselves.

Said Raven Midwest Director, Terry Shuff "We wanted the parents to be able to come and shop for their child. Wrap the gift for their child, and then give the gift to the child from the family---not from Raven Midwest. It is important for kids to get something from Mom & Dad this time of year."

The many that came out were treated to a delicious "home cooked" meal of real mashed potatoes, fried chicken, ham and the trimmings!

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