Saturday, December 09, 2006

Second Chances? To Hell and Back.

What if you "died" and found yourself facing eternity? What if you suddenly found out that the God that you had rejected because of your sin was REAL and that you were now going to spend eternity in HELL?

What if during this "near death experience" your praying mother or friend, was pleading with the Lord Jesus to spare your life while a trama team was frantically working to resucitate your heart?

What if you were given a SECOND CHANCE? What do you think that you would do with it? Would your life be any differenct the Second Time Around? If you are "holding out" and waiting for the second chance AFTER you go to hell--then you are fooling yourself and have been ensnared by the deception of the devil.
THIS may be the only "Second Chance" that you ever get. Will you turn away from your old, destructive life and ask Jesus Christ to be your Lord and Savior? Hell is a VERY REAL place and it is ETERNAL---TODAY is your opportunity to turn to the saving grace and mercy of a Holy God---tomorrow may be too late.
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