Thursday, January 25, 2007

"On The Road Again..."

"On the road again, I can't wait to get on the road again...". Those may have been the words to an old Willie Nelson song, but they are also an accurate description of what awaits me tomorrow night (Friday the 26th). I have about 625 miles of driving to do between Daytona Beach and New Orleans to take the RAVEN Bus to drop it off in preparation for the Mardi Gras Outreach coming up in just (3) short weeks.
I'll be spending most of Thursday loading up all the outreach equipment into the bus, changing the oil, and getting it ready for about a (12) hour drive through the night. Sound fun :) we'll maybe not fun---but certainly just part of doing the work of the ministry.
I'll be making this trip alone--Kayla has an important school-related event on Saturday and it would be too expensive to fly the three of us home anyway (I was blessed to get a one way ticket home for just about $100---Praise the Lord)
Please pray for traveling mercies so that there will be no mechanical problems with the bus (its a 1987 bus, but its in good shape) and that the Holy Ghost will keep me awake and alert as I drive this big fella down the highway!!
Also---we could sure use some assistance financially in getting it there. A brother in the Lord sent $100 the other day for fuel and its going to cost about $300 total for gas to get it there. I am believing for the other $200 to come in soon---I'm pulling out on Friday night regardless!! He has caused my gas tank to not run out before (I'll share that amazing testimony another time) and I know He can do it again.
If you want to help in any way---you can click on the "Make A Donation" button on the right hand side and give securely through PayPal by either a credit card, debit card, or electronic check. You gift would be highly appreciated as we take this 'Harvest Hauler' to New Orleans!!!
Also---I am so EXCITED---the day that I take off is my 40th Birthday!! This may sound crazy to some---but I have looked forward to 40 for about 10 years!! There were times in the past ten years that I truly wondered if I would actually even make it to 40---but praise God for His mercy! Now I feel as though I am "just getting started" in regards to the ministry that Jesus has called me to!
Pastor Troy

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