Friday, March 16, 2007

Mardi Gras 2007: Iberville Projects

The Iberville Projects in New Orleans is considered "Murder Central" by the local authorities. Just days before we arrived four murders had taken place. There are the ominous signs of crime everywhere you look--from crime tape, to "RIP" tags painted on buildings where murders had taken place.
The week we arrived a child murdered another one--with the gus that his mom gave him! He had been beaten up by the other child and the mother said, "Here--go take care of your business." His "business" must have meant killing the other child.
We invaded this place with our team and saw the Lord Jesus move. Several came to Jesus that day and many were ministered to by the team. The most amazing thing was how the atmosphere changed--as kids bega to run and play in a place that appeared to be a ghost town upon our arrival. Only drug dealers and street thugs were visible in the complex when we began setting up. Soon they disappeared and mothers with children came out to where out team was gathered.

Setting Up in the Projects!

Jered and Pastor Terry cooking up some food!

Pastor Rudy having "children's church"

Praying with the kids

Pastor Terry with the kids in the projects

Jessica (Canada) shouts out for Jesus!

Christy and Melanie helped serve the food

Anthony witnesses to a couple in the projects

Meghan and Kayla ministering to the babies!

Mindi, Eileen & Tonie share with a homeless man in the projects

Carrie getting some love from these beautiful children!

We took enough food to feed 700 people and had toys for the kids and much ministry for all!

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