Friday, June 15, 2007


"There is a greater reality than what we see
and that is what God says."- Pastor Troy

I have to remind myself of that on a daily basis because our eyes, intellect and emotions can all be manipulated by our adversary. He is called the "prince and the power of the air." This means that he has his influence in the realm of the seen and felt--not where it really matters--in the Kingdom of God!

We know that God has given us the instructions to go back to the City of Amsterdam next month to preach the Gospel in the Red-Light District. There have just been too many things that have happened to confirm it when I had come to the point of calling it off.

The only obstacle that we are facing--period--is the financial one. In order to put a team in the streets for those seven days (the team being Pastor Alex Hill and I) it will cost approximately $4,500.00

$1250.00 Round Trip Airfare x 2 = $2500.00
$500.00 Stay in a Hostel x 2 = $1000.00
$500.00 Local Transportation/Eating x 2 = $1000.00
Grand Total Needed To Win SOULS to Jesus = $4500.00

We have even figured out a way
to cut the cost to a bare minimum

$1000.00 x 2 R/T Airfare if purchased soon = $2000.00
$250.00 x 2 for Room and we can "work off" 1/2 of room rent = $500.00
$200.00 Local Transportation x 2 (We will fast) = $400.00
Reduced Total to Win SOULS to Jesus = $2900.00

So far we have had $250.00 contributed, so that would only leave $2650.00 to Raise in order to invade Amsterdam's Red-Light District with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Will you stand in prayer for us on this. The hour is short and the need for someone to take the life-saving message of Jesus Christ to this place is enormous. We know that the Lord Jesus can make a way.

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