Monday, July 02, 2007


Our Daytona Beach July 4th Outreach has started off incredible. This past weekend we took a team to the streets consisting of Pastor Troy & Melanie, Pastor Alex & Holly, John & Danaye (Raven Space Coast). Pastor Thomas Derrick (Raven New Orleans) and Shane Patterson (Raven Amarillo). These veterans soul-winners were awesome and we saw many lives touched by the preaching of the Cross!

We went to the central club area on Sea Breeze Street just a block from the ocean. We arrived at around 11:00 PM and the line outside of the Razzles nightclub was already stretched to the street. It wasn't long before the team began engaging people in witnessing Jesus and it wasn't long after that when we began seeing His Spirit start to move in hearts and lives.

Dale, Brian and Stephanie were walking by and were stopped by several of the team members. Soon Dale was weeping and the team ministered deliverance to him and prayed for the couple who were with him. We took there numbers and will be following up with them to take them through discipleship and get them involved in our local "Beech Church" ministry.

Mark stopped me and asked for directions to a local club that was no longer opened. As we talked his phone rang and it turned out to be his wife--in Louisiana! He had left his wife and children and was planning a divorce. As they spoke she asked what he was doing and he was trying to tell her that he wasn't drunk and then he asked me to get on the phone and vouch for him! I got on the phone as Pastor Alex and Pastor Thomas spoke to him and found out the real story behind him leaving home.

After hanging up with his wife I pretty much rebuked him and called him on the carpet as to how he was treating his wife and kids. The Lord convicted him and he ended up getting on his knees outside of the bar and asking Jesus to save him. He then got on the phone and asked his wife to forgive him so that they could began working on getting reconciled!

Towards the end of the evening (3:00 AM) John and Danaye brought over Joshua, who had walked away from the Lord, but was now on the comeback! He kept saying, "Thank you all for coming out here! Thank you so much for being so bold to come where there are people like me!" We ended up kneeling down in the entrance to an all-night pizza shop to pray for him and he called out, "Please someone lay hands on me and pray for me!" It was awesome as he wept and thank everyone for there obedience to "GO"!


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