Thursday, July 26, 2007

"Your Miracle is in Reach"

Have you found yourself struggling in your faith? Have you seen your joy turn into mouring and your rejoicing into unbelief? Perhaps you have been shaken in your faith or just need a word of encouragment to help get you through a dry season--then this message is for you.

Pastor Troy preached this message during our Tuesday Night RAVEN NATION broadcast recently and it was met with widespread enthusiasm. Many today find themselves in the fight of their lives and it is taking everything within them to maintain their relationhsip with Jesus Christ.

In this message titled, Your Miracle is in Reach, Pastor Troy describes learing to move past merely "walking by faith" and beginning to "live by faith." He address three faith obstacles: 1) The need for provision 2) The need for affirmation 3) and The Need for Victory.

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