Sunday, September 23, 2007

Report from the Accelerated Impact Conference on Evangelism in London, Ontario (Canada). We had a great time of teaching, training and hands-on ministry this past week as we joined our friends Bobby & Sheryl Sullivan of Cutting Edge Outreach Ministries of the second year for this evangelism conference.

I arrived in Detroit, Michigan on Wednesday afternoon where I was met by Pastors Terry Shuff and Lance Prathaftakis of Raven Midwest who drove in from Elkhart, Indiana to assist in the street ministry. We were met later in the evening by Ed & Wanda Baker of Raven Canada (Port Perry, Ontario) who also cam to assist and minister on the streets.

During the morning, afternoons, and evenings there were sessions focusing on "equipping the saints for the ministry" along with prayer and praise and worship to ready the participants to "take the Gospel to the streets."

Wednesday evening we went to an area that is known for its party scene and is also frequented by many homeless people and college students. Our team was made up of about (15) soul-winners, most of whom were doing "street ministry" for the first time. There was no pause in the action as everyone dove right in and began sharing Jesus with dozens of people and praying with many as well.

Pastor Lance and I were blessed to meet Tommy Thomas a (19) year old homeless kid. As we talked we found out that his mother and father were also homeless and they had suffered much heartbreak in their family. We spent the better part of an hour sharing the Gospel with him before he knelt down with us on the sidewalk and asked Jesus to come into his life!

He met us the next day for supper and church and we are staying in contact with him and looking for a place in Canada where we can get him off the streets for good.

On Thursday I taught on the subject of soul-winning and that evening their was a community meal at the host church where over 250 people were served a sit down meal of roast beef, potatoes and grave, string beans, and dessert. Our teams helped serve the mean and spent time ministering to the many needy and hurting people who came to eat.

That night we hit the streets again and Bobby set up the grill and we served around 175 hamburgers and hotdogs there on the streets. It was non-stop action and ministry until we loaded up at around 2:00 AM.

The number of teenagers on the streets amazed me and broke my heart. We met “Pam” who is just (17). She has been on her won since age (14) and is trying to finish school. We spent at least an hour sharing with her and praying for her and encouraging her in Jesus. She is a very intelligent and beautiful young lady who truly needs a miracle from the Lord Jesus. Please pray for her.
I spoke twice on Friday and we were back on the streets for another late night of feeding the homeless and ministering to the lost and dying.
Another young woman that we prayed for to receive Christ was only (18) and had just given birth to a little boy (10) earlier. He was not in foster care until she can get off of the streets. She was very receptive to the Gospel and repented and turned to Jesus that night!
So many were broken and wounded and just needing the light of the Gospel shown into their lives. People like George, who we bought dinner for one night and sat taking to him on the sidewalk. He is in his fifties and is bound by mental illness. He allowed us to share the Word of God with him but left before we could pray for him--lets continue to keep him in prayer!
Thank all of you who prayed for us while we were gone and who stand with us across the world for those in desperate need of Jesus Christ in their lives. Your prayers and financical support are what enables us to "GO FOR JESUS."

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This is more amazing grace! God is awesome!