Monday, December 17, 2007


We are blessed to welcome Christy King from Amarillo, Texas here to Daytona Beach for a period of training and discipleship. Christy is very much a "Daughter in the Gospel" to us since we have known her since she was in grade school!
Christy is the daughter of Pastor Ken & Wanda Fowler, who served as one of my associate pastors at The Dayspring Dream Center in Amarillo for many years.
Please keep Christy in your prayers that this will truly be a powerful time in her life and in the things that God is preparing her for in the future. She is one of our first residnets here at the Raven Ministries International Training Center and will be residing in the new "dorm" that some of you helped us construct with your generous giving!
Below is a video of Christy that was shot while we were in New Orleans four years ago when Christy came to help out during an outreach there during the Sugar Bowl. She expressed an interest to come and be a part then..but it has been worth the wait to be able to invest into her life!

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