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Dear Friends,

These are the most exciting times that I have ever experienced as a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ! That is saying a lot because I have experienced and lived through some extremely exciting times in regards to the Kingdom!

What makes these times so exciting is that it is so very clear that these are the days that the prophets of old longed to see—yet could only defer the experience to you and I in the closing hours of this Age of Grace.

The world is most certainly experiencing the birth pains of the last days. Global conflicts, political unrest, economic instability, and the obvious separating the “sheep from the goats” within His Church are sure indicators that the return of the Lord Jesus Christ is near.

This is exciting because it truly allows you and I to pursue His will and desire for our lives with reckless abandon! The days of “being careful” are gone! These are the days in which we should seek Him with all of our hearts and press towards the mark for the prize of the HIGH calling of God in Christ Jesus.

The fields are indeed ripe and ready to be harvested and we are seeing things now that we had only hoped and dreamed about a few years ago. People are being healed, set free, and transformed as we take the Message of Hope for the last days out into the streets where a world longs for real answers from a real Savior!

God is calling our ministry to an extended period of consecration as we approach this New Year. We will be fasting and praying as an International Team with a desire to decrease personally so that Jesus can increase spiritually in our lives. We know that the challenges and opportunities that will be presented to us in 2008 will demand a renewed urgency and heightened sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

We invite you to join us during this time by sending us your prayer requests and vision for 2008 so that we can stand with you in prayer and expectancy. God has some amazing things in store for each of us, but it is up to us to position ourselves for the miraculous. I recently said that “access doesn’t necessarily mean entrance.” We have got to GET UP in order to GET IN—and we are determined to get into everything that Jesus has for us in the coming months.

I have probably spent more time teaching, preaching, and discipling in the past six months than ever before in nearly twenty years of ministry. I preach and teach the Word of God more in a weeks time than most pastors do in a months time—and I am loving it!

We are now hosting ministry times here on the local level each week in preparation for the launch of the Raven Training Center in March 2008. During these times we are casting vision and getting the team ready to establish what will be the flagship ministry center for Raven International.

This will be a place where people can come and spend extended periods of time being equipped to do the work of the ministry through study in the Word of God and through practical and extensive hands-on training. We are still believing Jesus for the facility and financial resources in order to see it come to pass—and we know that He can do it!

Also—if you have not had the opportunity to listen live each morning to the Raven Institute of Ministry & Biblical Studies expository teaching on the Book of Romans, you have been missing out.

I began teaching this class last May and we are now on class 110 (and are just now in Chapter 8). These classes have served as a catalyst for thousands of people who have taken advantage of this time in the Word of God. Pastors from as far away as India, Pakistan and Africa have contacted me and are using these classes to teach and train their people and have invited us to come and spend a week “on location” teaching hundreds of indigenous pastors the Word of God.

Our classes have been downloaded as many as 10,000 times each! There is really no way of determining the impact that this is having around the world for the cause of Jesus Christ. Here are links that you can “click” to listen to the last three classes (if you do—you will be hooked and will want to listen to them all!)

Class 107
Class 108
Class 109

These are all being made available for FREE download in MP3 format to be copied and distributed in any way that you desire!

You can catch the class LIVE each day at from 9-10:00 AM (EST) by going to and then clicking on the RAVEN TV button which will take you to the interactive live video feed. I would love to have you “in class” each day!

Thank you all so much for your love prayers and encouragement in regards to the work of the ministry. Your faithfulness strengthens us and enables us to take the message of Jesus further and to more lives each day.

Our team will be traveling to Miami this weekend for an outreach in “the hood” and we are believing Jesus for a great time of soul-winning. Your prayers are very much appreciated. The outreach will be broadcasted LIVE from 6:00 PM to ? on RAVEN TV as well. Log on and check it out yourself in real-time!

As we enter into a fresh new season of ministering to the lost and dying we need your support more than ever. These are traditionally very “lean” months financially and this year has held true to form. While God ALWAYS meets the need—we find ourselves limited in many cases in what we are able to do and where we are able to go for Him.

What we need are partners to stand with us in the next year like never before. If there ever was a “faith based” ministry—Raven Ministries is one! We have to depend upon Jesus every single day to meet the needs of reaching people for Him.

Please pray and consider making a (12) month commitment to Raven Ministries as your Missionaries to the Nations! You monthly gift or $25, $50 or $100 would go far in allowing us to feed more hungry people, respond to more disastrous situations, take more people to the streets with the Gospel and train more people to do the same.

Many blessing to you and please continue to send your prayer requests into us so that we can believe for your breakthrough in 2008! Send them to (we pray for them LIVE each week during our RAVEN NATION program—Tuesdays at 8:30 PM (EST) on Raven TV)


Pastor Troy D. Bohn
Director: Raven Ministries International, Inc.

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