Friday, September 05, 2008


Dear Friends,

Once Hurricane Gustav narrowly missed New Orleans it seemed as though the attention of the Nation went elsewhere and the news cameras ceased reporting the devastation left in the wake of the latest storm to strike the Gulf Coast.

While New Orleans averted disaster, places like Houma and Morgan City, Louisiana in Terrebonne Parish suffered “Katrina-like” destruction as this powerful hurricane made landfall in the lower regions of the Louisiana coast.

Reports are coming to us now that many of the residence in these communities will be facing as much as two months without electricity. Homes are destroyed, business are decimated and thousands are left to pick up the pieces in places that are now flying “under the radar” or the major media.

We received a call that there is an immediate need for hot meals to be served to the police, utility workers, and returning residence. Our RAVEN GULF COAST team is now on-site appraising the situation and the need in order for us to establish mobile cooking center there in Houma.

Raven Gulf Coast Director, Pastor Don Eskine, called me last night and said, “HELP! The need is HUGE!” I am putting Raven Daytona Beach Director, Pastor Terry Shuff, on an airplane this afternoon so that he can go and help establish the meal center and organize the local volunteers.

Pastor Terry has much experience in preparing meals for large numbers having worked with our Hurricane Katrina team and having established outreach team in both Raven Midwest and Raven Daytona Beach. Pastor Don is “local” to the area and will focus on gathering supplies and support to accommodate this urgent relief work.

If you want to be a part of this effort—your assistance would be much appreciated. You can contact me at or by telephone at 1-386-682-4141 to volunteer to help directly in the relief work (or) if you want to help out financially you can give securely online by going to our website by clicking HERE or by simply clicking the “Make A Donation” button to the above right of the posting.

Our local teams is also preparing for what could be a major Hurricane striking somewhere in Florida over the next few days. Tropical Storm Hannah is now dumping rain on us here in Central Florida and Hurricane Ike is a powerful category 4 storm currently building steam south east of the peninsula now.

Please keep our teams in your prayers and the many people in Louisiana and in the Caribbean countries who have suffered catastrophic devastation in the past week. We know first hand that the Lord Jesus is with us—even in the midst of the “Storms of Life.”


Pastor Troy D. Bohn
Raven Ministries International, Inc.
P.O. Box 1897
Daytona Beach, Florida 32115

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