Sunday, May 24, 2009


We have been having an incredible time in JESUS this past week here in Philly. The team has been such a joy to work with and the love of God towards one another and their compassion for the lost is a great inspiration. They have truly gone after the HARVEST and we are seeing the Spirit of God poured out in a place that is considered by the locals as the "Belly of the Devil."

The local police say that there are (5) primary "Hot Spots" in the City of Philly with Kennsington & Somerset being the top HOT SPOT. I told the team the other night that there are no longer only FIVE hotspots---that there are now FORTY MORE hotspots every place that the feet of the team steps out in obedience to the Great Commssion!

We have been ministering non-stop to to the homeless, the drug addicted and the demonically oppressed---and seeing the Blood of Jesus changed and transform lives! Keep the team in your prayers as we take the message of the Cross to the lost and dying.

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