Thursday, September 24, 2009

What if YOU could help put 400 Warriors for Christ on the Mission Field?

Dear Friends,

When we trust in Jesus and work together, we can do more than we could ever imagine! That is what we have found in nearly 20 years of taking the love of Christ and the message of the Cross to hurting people across this nation and beyond.

It was 2003 when our ministry changed, and our lives along with it! Having served a local church for nearly 14 years the Lord challenged us to move into a whole new dimension of faith. He began to show us that what had been im-possible through our best and most sincere efforts could now become Him-possible if we would only obey. So, we decided to obey, and we have seen God do some amazing things, and change thousands of lives ever since! The Jeans for Jesus Project is one of those “acts of obedience” that we believe is another means to impact many people for His Kingdom.

Our teams have taken emergency relief into areas decimated by natural disasters. We have impacted housing projects and have had Police officers say to us, “Thank you for coming to this area. You cannot know how big of an impact you have made.” Children, the elderly, and those living on the streets have also been greatly touched by the work of the ministry as the Body of Christ has banded together to help those in need. The Jeans for Jesus Project is another way to do even more!

We collect donated jeans from churches, civic groups, Sunday school classes, sports teams, schools, and even individuals, with a love offering in the pocket of each pair collected.

These jeans and offering then become a resource to minister to thousands of people through food, clothes, and the ministering of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Our Conviction is that there are many people who are in desperate need—both physically and spiritually.
  • Our Passion is to touch those lives by whatever means necessary to show them that there is still hope.
  • Our Commitment is to “Do as much as we can with as much as we have” and as God brings the increase we will go further in reaching out to those who are the most desperate.
  • Our Vision is to use this as a resource to spread the message of Jesus.

  • Coordinate and Promote a Jeans for Jesus Campaign within your Church, Youth or Senior Ministry or other organization - you can contact us for ideas on how to have the most success!
  • Recommend Jeans for Jesus to others you may know - together is how we make the biggest difference!
  • Become a Monthly Financial Supporter of the Ministry - when you “give” it allows us to keep “going” to the most needy!
  • Volunteer for one of our outreach teams - You will see for yourself what your investment is doing and you’ll see your life changed too!
  • Pray for us - that is what strengthens us, and carries us through the difficult times!

Jeans for the Homeless -- These are literally life-savers for many people living on the streets. We will be distributing jeans as well as other winter clothing in these primary areas:
“The Tenderloin” - San Francisco, CA
“Skid Row” - Los Angeles, CA
Housing Projects - Raleigh/Durham, NC
Housing Projects - New Orleans, LA
“Kennsington” - Philadelphia, PA
Kingston, Jamaica

Revolution Youth Training -- We are seeing a REVIVAL amongst the youth and college-aged across the country. We are now hosting special Youth Leadership Training Events designed to equip a new generation to take the Gospel into their campuses.

Mardi Gras Outreach 2010 -- Our annual outreach to the City of New Orleans has been blessed to see thousands of people come to the Lord Jesus over the years. We are expecting to put over 400 Urban Missionaries on the streets this coming February. This alone comes with a cost of nearly $25,000 - which is a small price to pay to see many come to Christ.

Raven Jamaica -- We are taking a street ministry team into Kingston in the Spring of 2010.

Remember, your help could have an EVERLASTING impact!

Many Blessings –
Pastor Troy D. Bohn
Founder and International Director
P.O. Box 1897
Daytona Beach, Florida 32115

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