Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Don't bother...she is already dead!"

Raven Ministries International
P.O. Box 1897
Daytona Beach, Florida 32115

Dear Friends,

This has been a very busy and very intense season of ministry the past few months (with no really no let up in sight for the next couple of months), but we are blessed and humbled to be a part of what the Lord Jesus is doing in this late hour.

The Holy Spirit recently dropped a message in my heart entitled, “Cultivating an Atmosphere for the Miraculous” from Luke 8:49-55 where Jesus went and raised the daughter of Jairus from the dead. I believe that there are a few –Jairus’- out there who have been brought the message, “Don’t bother the master, she is already dead.”

I want you to be encouraged if you are going through a battle right now. Your situation may look to be “dead” where it lays – but regardless of what anyone else says; JESUS said in verse (50) “Don’t be afraid, just have faith.”

We have been in that type of season the past few months. Some of the challenges that we have faced (and are facing) seem as daunting as the one faced by the Jewish leader, Jairus. It has only been through “looking past the bad report” that we have been able to hold tightly to the promises of God!

There has really been a great spiritual movement among young people of late. We have a group of college aged men and women that gather in our home on Thursday nights for Bible Study. They are also actively involved in taking the “Gospel to the Streets” with us and have such a passion for the things of God. This seems to be occurring across the nation as many of our teams are seeing the groundwork for genuine revival being laid in these young people’s lives.

This weekend we will have about 80 or more people here in Daytona Beach for our annual “Raven Gathering on Evangelism.” These folks represent some of the most amazing and committed soul winners that you have ever met. They are coming in from across the USA and Canada for a few days of instruction, refreshing and impartation as we press deeper into our task of fulfilling the Great Commission. Please pray they this will be a special time in the Lord for all of these tireless workers.

Next week (Wednesday) our family (Melanie , Jered, Kayla, and I) will be “on the road” for a couple of weeks. We’ll spend five days with our friends in Fairfield, Texas (First Baptist Church), then five days with our team in Amarillo, Texas (Raven Amarillo) and then five days ministering with Pastor Fred & Elva Villa (Raven Bridgeport, Texas) before returning home on October 15th.

We’ll get home the day that our annual Daytona BiketoberFest outreach starts here in the city. There will be around 250,000 bikers and motorcycle enthusiast needing to hear the good News of Salvation! A week later we will join our New Orleans team (Raven Gulf Coast) for the VooDoo Fest outreach in the “Big Easy.” Please keep us in your prayers - - this is a very demanding next six weeks!


• Soul City Community Outreach: Our local team has been targeting a local housing project that is well known for drugs and violence. We have been doing weekly outreaches there and just completed a seven-day, early morning prayer walk as well. Recently we were given permission to start a Sunday Morning service there on the property. We will be kicking that off towards the end of October.
• LATE NIGHT with JESUS the CHRIST: With Daytona Beach being a big college town (Daytona State College, Bethune-Cookman University, Embry-Riddle, and Stetson University) we have really been working to reach this age group. They are under assault by the educational system that is attempting to turn them away from a belief in God. In November we are planning to start a ministry service geared specifically towards this age group. We will host a Worship Service @ Midnight on Saturday with a free breakfast following! This is the hour that they say they struggle the most and are looking for something to be involved in. (Pray for us!)
• STREET MINISTRY: We continue to take teams to the streets each Wednesday, Friday and Saturday - - targeting the patrons of local night clubs. We are definitely seeing an impact being made as we engage a generation in the Word of God!

Speaking of the street ministry. We just got a text from a young woman the team stopped and ministered to one night. She was living out of her car and working as a stripper/prostitute. She texted and said, “Thank you guys for taking the time to stop and talk to me. You cannot know how much that meant to me and how it changed my life.”

Many of our “Street Testimonies” are available to see on video by going to my blog at You can watch them and then go to the archives and look at videos and news from other months as well.

We want you to know that we are not just “sitting on our hands” and talking about doing something for Jesus – we are “doing as much as we can with as much as we have” and pouring out all that God has entrusted us with into broken and empty lives.

Your help is REALLY NEEDED right now! We truly live by the “Daily Miracle” and trust the Lord Jesus to speak to the hearts of those who believe in and are willing to financially support the work that is being done through this ministry. We know that these have been lean times for everyone due to the things happening economically in this nation.

Would you consider investing something in the Work of the Lord today? Whatever the amount is, it would be highly appreciated and will make a huge impact for the Kingdom. If you cannot do anything today – would you pray and consider doing something over the course of the next couple of weeks to assist in this intense time of ministry?

We thank you for your continuous prayers and encouragement and ask that the Lord Jesus bless and strengthen you mightily through His grace and mercy.

His Servant,

Pastor Troy D. Bohn
Director – Raven International

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