Thursday, November 19, 2009


I wanted to thank you for putting up the last 2 sermons. There are days when we can't get back in time and so I really appreciate being able to still listen to them. Shayne and I are headed to
Michoacanejo, Jal. (near Aguas Calientes) and hoping to deliver more Bibles and encouragement to a young "pastor" living there.

Thanks for all the prayers for outreach in centro last night, God was amazing. Praise God, for leading us to the harvest fields. We got to preach to crowds that came to us. I think the enemy sent a discourager, but God used this guy to draw crowds and then have God's gospel preached. Of course there were many more opportunities God gave us as well. I am thankful that God is changing my heart and those that are going out with us. Before I think the discourager could have brought defeat, NOW we know that that is not possible. For God has given us victory over the enemy and that he uses all things for the good of those that love HIM.

I was not planning on preaching to crowds, and I think God decided otherwise. The man tried to preach history and garbage, but we just taught to the crowds JESUS!! He would bring up lies, but God would give us the truth to share. At one point I heard sirens, and thought I was headed to jail, but God let us go home free that night. I thank God for the work he is doing here in Guadalajara. There are very few Christians in this city, and God gave me the opportunity to share with many of them last night to GO and Preach.

Please pray for Roberto, a man that was walking with the Lord, but when his wife left him he went back to his worldly ways. He was reading our sign drinking a beer, and looking very depressed. He tried to hide from me, but not very well. In the course of our conversation God took him from complaining about his wife and pastor, to having hope and joy. We took him to the end of Romans 7-and he said that is me. I told him to keep reading about the hope for us. He began to become more and more excited. He had been warned from his pastor that his choices
would lead him to hell. So when I showed up he said he didn't care about going to hell, I told him I had a problem with that. By the end, I saw a man that God was restoring. I think that he saw that his feelings of abandonment was a lie, God sent us out to him in centro.

After talking he said, I am going to liga biblica to buy a Bible. I went there just a few days before and saw that they were closed until the 17, so I told him that God was giving him one here. We shared some more scriptures, he gave me a hug, and left a man with hope. I hope that makes sense, its one example of an amazing God we serve. Some of the girls got to share with indigenous women that are from Chiapas, the south of Mexico where there is much witchcraft and evil. I know we don't share too often what is going on here.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support. I am seeing how often God does miracles. We are seeing that here in Mexico, God answers prayers. Also please pray for Apolinar-that God would give him a heart for the lost and he would go and preach. We praise God for Ruth, a young hyper girl, who is on fire for Jesus and preaching HIS gospel. Before we went out, she spent hours preparing. We also thank God for Leshan, a woman who has a heart for Jesus and the Lost.

Pastor Nick and Shayne Paff


Ruth said...

AMEN im on fire for U Jesus, thanks God that u have the eyes on Mexico to change the hard hearted. You are mighty to save.
Your light is shining on the faces
changing their expression You have designed this time for salvation
To return us to your justice, to fill the earth with Your glory, drawing hearts to You.
Our Savior you reign with power, Your justice and Your truth surround the eternity Wake up the violent for your kingdom those who know your name Amen.

rudy gonzalez said...

Amen Amen amen

RAVEN Deb said...

Nick and dear brother and sister..thank you for sharing, i am blessed to be praying for you, blessed to hear how God us using you to reach the lost, thank you for encouraging you both very much..