Monday, September 27, 2010

"Devil Gets Decked!"

It is amazing sometimes when we minister how the Lord moves in ways that are unexpected. One of the things that wee have seen Him do on a number of occassions is to turn our enemies against one another. We have seen one friend argue and say that there is no God and his buddy will get in his face and tell him to shut up!

We have seen pushing matches get started and friends dragging their buddies off because they came at us in an agressive way. It is like the breaking of the waterpots in the Book of Judges when the enemies turned their swords upon one another! During this years' Southern Decadence Festival - we recieved word that one of our biggest "opponents" in the French Quarter had met a similar fate.

Leo Watermeier is a former State Representative and Mayoral Candidate that operates in what I would call the "Spirit of Anti-Christ." When we are preaching during 'Raven Street Church" he would often come and stand with a bullhorn in front of us saying, "Blah, Blah, Blah" over and over again to keep the people from hearing the Gospel.

Seems that the Saturday of the outreach, he found another group of street ministers to harass with his antics. A witness to the scene said that two guys standing by got tired of his bullhorn-business blasting them in the eardurm. They told him to stop. He continued to "Blah, Blah, Blah" when one of the guys handed his drink to his buddy and "BAM" - - he knocked poor Leo out cold!

Leo hasn't visited us during "Raven Chuch" since the incident - - maybe he has found that it is not the best idea to come against a Servant of the Lord Most High!

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