Thursday, October 21, 2010

Something to Think About

[think about it] The Church is "sicker" than it has been in its 2000 yr history. From the looks of things it is on life-support! [why] Jesus said that the "sick" are the ones in need of the care of the physician [Matt 9:12] and it seems that most ministers [pastors, elders, etc..] spend the majority of their efforts an...d the majority of the churches money on those coming to their sunday services.

[so] It makes you wonder if "pastors" are really doing their job or not? Is it their job to "keep people coming to church" or is it their job to "equip them for the work of the ministry?" [soul-winning] How ministers must feel to have the same [high maintenance - low impact] faces staring at them each week and giving the obligatory "amen" and knowing that most of those people will never take the word to heart and actually go do something with it.

‎[I had a minister friend call me a week or so ago] after he had seen a video of Kayla [my daughter] preaching on Bourbon street [he said] "I was convicted! That little girl walked in more boldness than any five minister I know put together!"

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