Monday, October 25, 2010

We Need YOUR Help to Reach People for JESUS!

New Orleans Outreach

In just a few days, the City of New Orleans will once again roll out the red carpet to Satan and another one of his strategic devices aimed at destroying the very souls of men: New Orleans’ VooDoo Fest.

VooDoo Fest is billed by organizers as “a festival celebrating music and culture.” Yet, there motto is, ‘Worship the Music.”

The Bible speaks of such things in Romans 1:25 “[they] changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creation more than the Creator…”

With a musical lineup featuring such names as: Ozzy Osbourne, Eagles of Death Metal, Soul Rebels and Rock City Morgue – it doesn’t take much to understand the spirit behind this demonic event. Our purpose is to “Make a Stand For Light [Jesus] in the Midst of the Darkness.”

This is an excerpt from one of the local VooDoo Practitioner Websites:

VOODOOFEST is our FREE annual festival, held EVERY Halloween, which celebrates the Voodoo religion's many important contributions to New Orleans' traditions. VOODOOFEST’s primary goals are to honor the Ancestors, educate the public about this widely misunderstood religion & to preserve and celebrate the unique Spiritual & Cultural Heritage of New Orleans.

They have scheduled a full line up of VooDoo priests to educate people on casting spells and curses and various other aspects of this demonic religion. [and the City swings wide open their doors for it!]


• Please pray for us! We will be on the frontlines from Thursday through Sunday night with our team of soul-winners. Pass the word to intercessors, FaceBook and MySpace friends and anyone that would take the time and make the efforts to bombard heaven on the behalf of righteousness this week.
• Consider making a financial investment into this Harvest by sponsoring one of our incoming Urban Missionaries [or two] for just $50 each. You can do this online by going to our website: and then clicking on the “Make A Donation” icon or by going to and using as the email address to give directly into this ministry.

We have a team of about 30 coming in from around the country. Several are coming TOTALLY on faith. I called them and said, “We need your help. Can you come.” They said, “YES”, but did not have the finances to come.” I assured them that if they provided the willingness to obey and come – that our Lord would provide the resources.

Please consider making a donation today to cover the cost of the place we will be sleeping and showering during the outreach (they are charging us $10 per person a day to use it) Melanie and I are working to put together some meals to feed the team that is coming in. Anything would be a great help to us.


You can certainly tell that the enemy is getting perturbed at our team setting up Raven Street Church right on Bourbon Street during the week’s busiest nights [Thurs – Sat]. This past Friday as I was preaching the Gospel in front of our 12ft Cross with built in PA System – a man attacked us!

He tackled Jonathan as he held the cross before I could restrain him. A plain clothes officer arrived and told me, “Let him up, I have things under control.” As soon as I let the man up he started attacking people in the crowd! Before you knew it he had been knocked unconscious by another Bourbon Street partier!

The blow was so forceful that the original attacked fell violently to the pavement, striking his head against the street! I rushed in to render aid and the man’s eye sockets were filling with blood and he was unresponsive. Soon an ambulance arrived and took him to the hospital. [we do not know his present condition]

The thing is – Melanie was filming me preach when everything happened and it was all caught on tape. You can view the entire attack and aftermath by going to A woman that was with the original attacker then attacked Melanie, tried to destroy our camera and ended up punching Melanie in the jaw!

Praise JESUS that Mel was okay and that the Lord kept her [and the whole team] from any serious harm or injury. “No weapon that is formed against us will prosper.”

We will be back out in the battlefield [harvest field] this week preaching the LIFE-TRANSFORMING message of Jesus to the 10’s of thousands that pass our way each and every week. We know that God’s Word never returns to Him void, but accomplishes all that He sends it to do!

In addition – Our teams were out in Daytona Beach [preaching to 250,000 bikers] and on college campuses, and on the streets of cities from San Francisco to Guadalajara [Mexico] to Ontario [Canada] and many points in between. Thank you all that have prayed, given and encouraged us for many years as we have endeavored to share the GOOD NEWS in BAD PLACES!


Pastor Troy D. Bohn
Director of Raven Ministries Int’l
PO Box 2102
Kenner, LA 70063

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