Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Christmas with the Rowdens

(Above) Kayla and her fiance', Joshua Rowden at the wedding of Anthony England and Brittany Durrance. It was a blessing to have Joshua's mom and dad, Tom & Lori Rowden, and his younger brother, Benjamin, come to New Orleans and spend the Christmas holiday with us before making the drive to Daytona for the wedding. This is such a blessed family and we are thankful to the Lord Jesus Christ for bringing them all into our lives.

(Above) Kayla and Joshua again! These guys are really "two peas in a pod." They love JESUS, preaching on the streets, the Lion King movie, and Nachos -- match made in heaven!

(Above) Kayla and "Momma" Lori - Melanie and I are so tremendously blessed that Kayla is getting such a dear mom and dad in law in Tom & Lori. They too are excited about having a "daughter" after raising two boys! Lori is already spoiling Kayla though =)

(Above) The Rowdens (l-r) Benjamin, Lori, Tom, and Joshua - at a truck stop on our way to Daytona Beach -- they sure look like southern rednecks even though they are from Northern California! lol - - Nice hats

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