Friday, January 14, 2011

Testimony from the Streets!

This is a first hand testimony from our recent ministry on Bourbon Street in New Orleans during Raven Street Church. People often ask, "Does it really do any good?" or "Do people really stop and listen to what you are saying." Occassionally someone will come up that claims to be a Christian and say, "What you guys are doing in WRONG!"

Read this note that was recently sent to Gracie by a sweet young lady that just needed a little direction, prayer and encouragement in the Lord!

[above - Kayla, Jessica & Gracie @ Raven Street Church]

Hey Gracie!
I'm glad I found y'all on here too.. I know it will be a positive influence on me and it will help to keep me in line and on track.. I'm starting to remove people out of my life, my close friends who I'm realizing aren't really good influences on me.. but amazingly I've made an even better friend who is sweet & believes in God, and lives her life in a way I want to be.. I haven't been the best but I'm trying to be better..
I've repented and I am taking small sure steps to make certain I don't go back. I still haven't drank alcohol since that night on bourbon, and I have no desire to.. another cool thing is I am now going back to college.. my new friend helped me out, and it was weird because everything fell into place.. classes were available, advisor lifted flags immediately, and I was able to get a payment plan..
Jjust pray for me overall, I always need Gods help and guidance in my life.. and I'm so thankful to have met y'all when I did because without that night I know this year would have been straight downhill for me.. bless y'all & thank you so much, more than you could know..
♥ jessica

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