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I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat is planted in the soil and dies, it remains alone. But its death will produce many new kernels—a plentiful harvest of new lives. Those who love their life in this world will lose it. Those who care nothing for their life in this world will keep it for eternity.” John 12:24-25

Occassionally the Lord will bring someone into your life that makes an impact on you without even setting out to do so. It is not as if they are seeking to be recognized or looking for the approval of man. They just seem to be "themselves" and who they are just touches the lives of all those that are fortunate enough to have been around them.

My friend, Craig Schuman, was one such man. I met Craig, a country boy from Abilene, Texas, in of all places - inner-city Philadelphia during an outreach that we hosted there in two years ago Memorial Day Weekend. We had spoken by telephone a number of times, but had not had the chance to meet face to face until then. It seemed as though we'd always known one another.

Following that outreach, we would sometimes speak by telephone 2-3 times each week; usually not for anything particular - just a conversation between two brothers in the Lord. Most times our conversation would find its way to a discusion about things that could be done to reach the "least of the least" with the Gospel (and some good old fashioned love and Texas hospitality in the process!)

Several of our conversations centered around going into economically and spiritually repressed areas and meeting physical needs (ie.. food, clothing, etc) while sharing with them the Good News of salvation in the process. He said, "Man, I got the trucks and the trailers! Let's do it!"

Unfortunately, time did not allow for all of our plans to materialize while Craig was with us. After a short and courageous battle with cancer - Craig went to be with the Lord Jesus on March 17th of this year. A kernel of wheat fell to the ground...

At his "homegoing" many people came forward to testify as to the impact that Craig had quietly made on their lives - from prisoners, to young people, to preachers of the Gospel like me, the investment of his life testified of a great harvest.

Like that kernel of wheat that falls in the field, the lives of those who know and truly serve God continue to produce fruit long after the stalks seem to wither away. The legacy of their passion resonates through their familes, their co-workers, and those that they so humbly took the time to invest something into.

Because of this investment in me - I felt lead to talk to Craig's wife, Jonya, about starting something that will see he and I's discussions become something more than just a distant memory. We are calling this the "Kernel of Wheat Project" and the first project will be just after the anniversary of our meeting in Philly back in 2009.

The premise behind this is to show that "normal" everyday believers can make a difference in this world by merely "doing as much as they can with as much as they have." Small investments when coupled with prayer, passion and persistence can have a genuine and eternity-impacting effect on the World.

On June 7th I will be leaving the City of New Orleans for a 2,000 mile (one way) trip to Los Angeles' infamous "Skid Row." This is the home to the nations largest homeless population (25,000 +) I will be taking with me: Men's clothing, shoes, socks, underwear and personal hygiene items and will be delivering them in honor and recognition of my dear brother in the Lord, Craid Schuman, to Pastor Patrick Ersig of the Jonah Project on Skid Row.

Pastor Patrick has been ministering to the broken and lost for several years and feeds and shares Jesus with thousands of men, women, and even children right in the midst of this spiritual battlefield.

Would you like to help with the "Kernel of Wheat Project" to LA's Skid Row? If you live along the I-10 corridor and would like to donate men's clothing items - I will schedule driving by and picking them up along the way (email me at or if you would prefer giving financially to purchase those items or to assist in the fuel costs, you can give securely only by going to and using as the recipient (please not that your gift is for the Kernel of Wheat Project)

Thank you in advance for your love, prayers and support for this -- and thank the Lord Jesus that we can honor Him (and) the memory of one of His faithful servants as well!


Pastor Troy D. Bohn

Raven Ministries International, Inc

PO Box 2102

Kenner, LA 70063

(504) 202.0939


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