Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Bus Headed To Mexico!

The Bus is One its way to Mexico!

While I was in Mexico ministering this past June, the Lord really impressed upon me to give our bus to the Church there that operates a orphanage and minister to children there in Tijuana. They reach out to so many kids, many of who have been abandoned in garbage dumps--but they were in great need of transportation.

The thing was, I had just recently gotten the bus and needed it here in the city for ministry--but I was sure that the Lord wanted us to sow it sacrificially into Mexico. I told our friends Bobby & Dot Chance that we wanted the church there to have the bus so they informed the pastor---who was elated! Since then, we have had several churches in Texas "fill the bus up" with food, clothing, etc.. to be taken to Mexico.

I am pleased to report that the bus is on the edge of New Mexico, headed into Arizona and will soon be delivered to the church/orphanage! Bobby himself flew into Amarillo (minus 15 degree wind chill) and met up with my oldest brother, Ray Jr and his son, Matthew, to drive the bus there. They will be taking it there on the 17th for the Streetwise Tijuana Christmas Party and will be joined by a team of around 60 put together by Raven West Coast's Rudy Gonzales ( Rudy's girls have also gathered over 1500 BRAND NEW toys that will be distributed at the Jesus Birthday Party!

Because of your generosity, we were also able to send the $700 needed to pay for the transfer and importing of the bus into Mexico---thank you all who helped and who help regularly in reaching and ministering to so many!

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UGO4GOD said...

Thank you for the bus Bohn family! It was a fun ride in Tijuana!