Wednesday, December 07, 2005

ON-Going relief, restoration and REVIVAL

We are "hitting the streets" here in the city on a regular basis. While there is much effort being done to get the city back--the process is an enormous challenge.
You just would not even be able to comprehend the level of destruction that has taken place unless you have seen it with your own eyes. Tens of thousands of homes are destroyed with many having to be totally torn down and rebuilt (if they are to be rebuilt).

In the midst of this we are truly seeing the manifestation of EVERYTHING that God spoke to us over (2) years ago now:

Revival is taking place- we have seen more people come to Christ during this past three month period than in any other similar period that I can remember. Hearts are WIDE-OPEN for the Gospel of Christ.

The momentum that the enemy had enjoyed for generations has been halted- Many of the things that had been engrafted into the very social and spiritual fabric of the people of New Orleans were brought down in the wake of Katrina-

Impoverished areas (projects, etc..) are now virtual ghost towns with many of those residents now living in other cities and under much better conditions. I had so many people tell me in the past as we ministered in such areas as the Lafitte Housing Projects, "I want to et out, but there just doesn't seem to be a door out for me." Well, that door has swung wide open and the scope of the damage and the lack of anything to return to may provide many of these good people the chance to get "settled" into other areas around the nation.

Crime (murder)- we went from being the "Nations Murder Capitol" with over 250 murders in 05' pre-Katrina--to just (2) since then. There is virtually not crime and no criminals!

The Occult--the French Quarter was once the home to dozens of palm readers and tarot card readers--now if you see 1-2 in the Quarter it is amazing.

The Debauchery--what had been a generationally perpetuated environment for filth, perversion and wickedness has lost much of its demonic-edge. "The curtain on the Wizard of Oz has been pulled back" to reveal a great illusion perpetrated by the "smoke and mirrors" of fear, intimidation and confusion. THIS is when and where the church needs to take a stand against things such as the annual MArdi Gras and make those events merely historical events that receded with the flood waters of Katrina.

We are now working to assist in setting up a relief and distribution center in the hard hit area of East New Orleans (St. Bernard Parish). There will be hot meals, food, clothing, cleaning supplies and other itmes distributed from this location. It will also serve as a host camp for volunteer workers to come in too.

WE ARE NEEDING a freezer and a refrigerator for this center. If you have one of them and would be willing to bring it here, we could sure put it to immediate use (OR) if you would like to give towrds them and we could purchase them here locally for use. We can probably get what we are needing for around $600.


The Mardi Gras Outreach is scheduled for February 24-28th here in New Orleans. The cost for this outreach is $165 (with discounts for groups of 5 or more) this includes--local transportation, a place to sleep and shower, RAVEN t-shirts, 3 meals a day, training, and participation in all of the weekends outreach and evangelism events in the French Quarter area.

WE NEED YOUR HELP desperately! This is really the time and place where the Body of Christ can make a very significant stand in the City of New Orleans and change the world's perspective on this place---but I need YOU here to help. You can get the detailed info at our website and then click the "Mardi Gras Outreach 2006" button.

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