Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Church Build 2006: Juarez, Mexico

RAVEN Ministries International will be partnering with Casas por Cristo of Juarez, Mexico ( to build a complete church from the ground up in early Fall.

I met David Roberson, the Executive Director, recently while speaking at a missions conference in Texas and I was immediately taken with his love for Jesus and the people of Mexico.

As he share about their ministry of winning people to Christ and taking them from the cardboard houses of the colonias and building them an actually house to live in, I thought to myself, “There is something that God can help Raven Ministries to do to help as well.”

I asked him what else that they were doing and he told me that there was also a great need for churches to be built to provide a place of worship and discipleship for those coming to Christ.

I told him that I immediately felt led to commit to building a complete church there in Mexico this year and would raise the necessary funds and get together the laborers needed to build the facility as well.

Now here is where I need YOUR help in this:

We are needing to raise $10,000 to buy all the materials to build a church. Can you imagine trying to build anything in the US for that amount?

BUT WAIT...within (24) hours of making the commitment to Brother David and the Lord Jesus—we raised $2000 towards the build—dropping the necessary funds to only $8000.

Our goal is to have the balance raised by the month of June, so that we can schedule a build date for sometime in October. It will take us 4-5 days to build the church.

Do you want to help us provide a worship facility for those coming to Christ in Mexico? Do you want to be a part of the build team?

You can make a pledge to be paid at a later date or you can just send the best gift that God would put in your heart now. Everything adds up!

We’ll keep you up-to-date on our progress and let you know the dates of the build as soon as the funds are raised.

We will also be doing ministry around the area: feeding the community, witnessing, and ministry to children as well during the build.

Pastor Troy, I want to get involved in helping to build this church in the nation of Mexico too!
____ I want to join the build team that will be doing the work.
Special Skills?____________________________________________
____ I want to be a part of the support and ministry team while there.
Special Skills?____________________________________________
____ I want to invest financially into this project.
$_________one time gift sent now
$_________pledge amount to be sent by________________.

Name-_______________________Tele #______________________
Mail to:
Raven Ministries
P.O. Box 113196
Metairie, LA 70011
You can give securely online for this project or others by clicking this link:

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