Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Update On New Orleans Ministry

Pastor Troy and Todd lead recent team Terry Shuff (Raven Midwest), Rudy Gonzales (Raven West Coast)
And Pastor Troy minister to a young man in the French Quarter

The work here in New Orleans could really be categorized as non-stop. Even in the wake of Hurricane Katrina seven months ago, the enemies desire has been to get his foothold back into this city.

We need your continual prayer over this city. Just recently the local newspaper reported that the crime rate in Jefferson Parish (West New Orleans) was actually higher for the first three months of 2006 than it was last year in several serious categories. This is after seeing a plunge in serious crime in the months immediately following Hurricane Katrina.

Many have said, “Because Katrina means cleansing that means God used it to clean up New Orleans.” Well, I just haven’t seen it here ”on the ground.”

Hurricane Katrina was a terrible storm that cost many people their lives and many more their property—but he only cleansing that New Orleans is going to experience is when the Body of Christ gets busy taking His Gospel beyond the moldy walls of their church houses and into the sin stained streets of the City!

The harvest is still VERY plentious, but the laborers are still so very few. Please pray that the Lord of the Harvest would send for His laborers!

The Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans is still a disaster area. My heart broke the other day as I heard a news report of them finding the body of an 8-10 year old little girl among the rubble of houses in this devastated part of the city.

It was reported that her hair was put up in pig-tails and that she was still wearing her backpack. They still have not located the bodies of the other family members who surely perished in the flood waters with her.

Our teams continue to minister in the French Quarter and Bourbon Street with awesome fruit coming forth each week.

We receive calls from many that have come with disaster relief teams that also desire to go to the streets to minister the Gospel. We’re always blessed to take them out with us as we go to share the life-changing message of the Cross of Calvary!

Thank you so much for your love, prayers and financial support in reaching the lost and feeding the hungry.

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