Friday, May 19, 2006

The Boys Are Back In Town! NYC

The team has arrived in New York City! As you can see by the picture, we wasted no time in hitting the streets tonight. Our group began arriving in NYC at 2:00 this afternoon and the last guys arrived around 6:00 PM. Bobby (after some delays in LA today) will be arriving tomorrow.

I was blessed to preach tonights evening service at Abounding Grace Church, where Pastors Rick & Arlene Del Rio and Pastor Joe Maldonado serve. These guys are just awesome and such gracious hosts as well.

Thwe worship time was so anointed and it certainly made it easy to bring the word. The altars were filled and many came to be prayed for by the team. We just had a great time in Jesus! The..we jumped on the subway and headed to Times Square!

The guys were blown away by the number of people and the sheer magnitude of the place, but that didn't deter them from getting busy witnessing. I was able to minister and pray for two Nigerian men who have been in the country a couple of years.

I'll get another update out tomorrow---but it is LATE here and I am going to try to squeeze in an hour or so of sleep to et ready for tomorrow. Please PRAY for us!

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Melanie Bohn said...

"Da Boyz" are looking good in NYC !!