Monday, June 19, 2006

My Grandmother Turns 100!

This is my grandmother, Myrza Bell Tow, who just celebrated her 100th Birthday this past weeknd. While her eyes and ears are not what they once were (come on now..she's 100!), her mind is still very much as sharp as it has ever been.
We always just called her, "Granny Tow" as kids and she was really the only "granny" that we ever had. I remember fondly the gatherings at house (they were always quite interesting; you have got to know my family!) and the times that we would go to her house to visit and play on the porch or tell stories about the "cellar" or visit my "Aunt Jenny and Uncle Howard" next door. Her house was really the last true family gathering place up until my grandfather passed away about 20 years ago.
In her classic "wit", she pulled another one for the ages when my niece, Deena Vallegos, asked her softly, "Granny, are you tired?" Without hesitation she retorted, "Heck no I aint tired! I'm about dead!" THAT is my grandmother! (Who told me 30 years ago it seems, "Honey, I'll never die. Only the good die young and I'm too mean!")
She was too! Not "mean" in the sense of being a nasty or angry person, but "mean" in the tough as nails sense of the word. While my "Granny" is now just about 4'8" tall--whe was never short on spunk or grit! (She cared for her own mother until she passed away at 97 years old!)
While I now live about 2,000 away from her, it is still a comfort to know that "Granny" is still around. Please keep her in your prayers that the remaining days or years that she has will be as great as the past 100.

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