Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Boys are Back in Town NYC Outreach

(Above) Don Eskine of No Cross No Crown Ministries (New Orleans) ministers to one of the participants of our NYC Outreach during one of the anointed ministry training times.
(above) Pastor Robert Scott of Hereford, Texas (far left), Todd Bohn of New Orleans (center) and Pastor Johnnie Thomason of Amarillo, Texas (far right) tag-team a man from Amsterdam in one of our prime "fishing holes" outside of Ray's Pizza on St. Mark & 3rd Ave in the East Village in NYC.
(Above) Bobby Chance of Streetwise Ministry (Hollywood, Calf) preaches during a training/teaching time of the "Boys Are Back In Town--Boot Camp in the Big Apple Outreach" Bobby served as Co-director of this first annual event for men.
(Above) Jonathan Saloman (center) and Brandon Romero (far right) minister to a group of "rappers" on the streets of Times Square in NYC.
(Above) Steve Ignowski of Raven Midwest prays with a man in Times Square that he was able to share indepth with and minister the truth of God's Word to during the recent NYC Men's Outreach.
(Above) Khater Salomon of New Orleans, witnesses to a fellow passenger in the R-Train during our NYC Outreach as we come in from a night on the streets witnessing.
(Above) Pastor Troy with his oldest nephew, Brandon Romero of Raven Southwest (Albuquerque, NM) on a rooftop on the lower east side of Manhattan during the "Boys Are Back In Town" NYC Outreach in May 2006.
(Above) Pastor Troy stands with a young Jewish man visiting NYC from Tel Aviv, Israel. I was able to take him to the Old Testament and the Law of Moses to show him how he (part of the seed of Abraham) had forsaken the God of Abraham, Isaacs, and Jacob and thus broken the first fourn commandments of God--which in Ancient Judea would have warranted the 'Death Penalty." I was able to share with him "Messianic Prophecies" from the book of Isaiah concerning Jesus and challenge him regarding the "selling out of his birthright" for less than a bowl of soup (Esau). He allowed me to pray and minister to him here in the "ripe harvest field" of Union Plaza.

(Above) Pastor Troy prays with an entire family from Central America who were visiting the United States while on vacation. They were very open to the Gospel and also very receptive of receiving prayer. We were standing just across the street from "Ground Zero," the site of the the deadly terrorist attacks of 9/11 that claimed nearly 3,000 innocent lives and took down the massive "Twin Towers" that once dominated the Manhattan skyline.

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