Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Boys are Back in Town NYC Outreach

(Above) Pastor Troy and Steve Ignowski (Raven Midwest's Associate Director) take a "mandatory" coffee break at Starbuck's during the NYC "Boot Camp in the Big Apple."

(Above) Pastor Troy and Pastor Alex with a young homeless man from Ireland that they met in Topkins Square Park. He had only been on the streets a few days and was reluctant to recieve our offer to buy him dinner. He said that he was accustomed to working, but lost his job and due to the high cost of living could not afford to keep his apartment. He said he was subsisting on a few hours sleep "here and there" on the subways and that he was afraid to be out on the streets at night.
(Above) Khater Saloman (New Orleans) ministers to a tattoo covered man in the Staten Island Ferry Station. The man was very open to prayer and ministry. The station was a "prime location" as there are about 3-5 thousand people just "waiting" for the next ferry to come (about 30-40 minutes). We had a fresh crop of about 4,000 people every half hour coming through!

(Above) Terry Shuff and Anthony LeBlanc pray for a couple in th Staten Island Ferry Station.

(Above L-R) Brad Perez (Post, TX), Todd Bohn (New Orleans) and Anthony LeBlanc (Indiana) minister to a man on the Ferry to Staten Island while on the NYC Outreach.

(Above) The "Team" pray for a man needing ministry on the subway late one night in NYC.

(Above) Terry Shuff is joined by Brandon Romero (Raven Southwest) asthey minister to a man in Times Square.

(Above) Do Eskine (forground) and Pastor Alex Hill (background) waste no time in taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and dying in Times Square during our first night in NYC>

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Anonymous said...

Praise GOD for the RAVENS and the time they spent sharing the Word with the lost of this world in NYC. May the seeds that were planted grow all over the world. Thanks for your ministery, your Bro in Christ Meredith Lindsey