Thursday, June 22, 2006


The NYC Outreach held May 18-22 was BEYOND BELIEF and the men of God that gathered from across this nation were primed and ready to "Go for Jesus." The outreach, termed the "Boot Camp in the Big Apple" and themed after the words to the old 70's hit "The Boys are Back in Town" was the first of what Street Wise Ministry (Hollywood) and Raven Ministries International hopes to be an annual event.

(Above L-R) Steve Ignowski and Terry Shuff of Raven Midwest are joined by Thomas Derrick (far right - of Raven New Orleans) with their "friend" they met while we ministered in Tompkins Square Park on the Lower East Side of Manhattan one evening. The man was the "heavy" in a drug infested park, yet the guys were able to minister to him at length.

(Above) Terry Shuff stands in th shadow of the steel beams that formed the shape of a cross at "Ground Zero" in New York City. This was the site of the 9/11 terrorist attack which was the single deadliest terror attack in US History. THIS DAY we took the SINGLE GREATEST HOPE into this area: JESUS

(Above)I was blessed to have two of my nephews with me during this outreach. Justin Bohn (far left) is a full time volunteer for the Celebration Relief Center in New Orleans and Brandon Romero (far right) is the new director of Raven Southwest based in Albuquerque, NM.

(Above) My brother, Bradley Perez (Post, Texas) stands with "Nick" who we ministered to at the "Cube" in NYC as he and his friends were headed out to party.

(Above) Brandon Romero serves refills to those joining us for dinner at the Homeless Cafe' on Saturday night of the outreach at Abounding Grace Church.

(Above) Anthony LeBlanc ministers JESUS to a young man out on the streets during the outreach.

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