Friday, June 23, 2006

Ocean Baptism!

One of the highlights of my recent trip to the San Francisco area was having the privilege of water baptizing Rudy Gonzales (Director of Raven West Coast) and another young lady named Katie.
Rudy's local pastor had mentioned baptizing Rudy there at their church on several occassions, but Rudy continued to tell him, "No, Pastor Troy is coming out and I want him to baptize me in the ocean!"
Well we did just that! Now, this is the Northern Pacific ocean (North of San Francisco) and it circulates from the coasts of Alaska. The area that we were at has a stream feeding into it call "Salmon Creek" where the salmon go to spawn! This is COLD WATER! PTL
(Above) The Gonzales Family (L-R) Maddie, Rudy, Lori, Anthony, and CeCe
(Above) The team prays for Katie before we entered the water to baptize her.
(Above) Pastor Troy and the team lay hands on Rudy and pray for him prior to the baptism.

(Above L-R) Pastor Russ Clifford (The Living Well Church of Santa Rosa, Calf.), Brian Bennett (Hope Chapel of Santa Rosa), Rudy and Pastor Troy make their way into the choppy waters.
(Above) Rudy rejoices as Pastor Troy grabs ahold of Katie as they are all slammed by a wave.
(Above) Pastor Troy and Rudy embrace on the beach following the baptism.
(Above) Pastor Troy, Rudy and Katie...there is ONE WAY and that way is JESUS!

(Above) Rudy kneels to worship the Lord Jesus as he rejoices in what God has done for him.
(Above) The "Team" on the beach!

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